When You’ve Been Charged with a Drug Crime, We’re the San Francisco Criminal Law Firm that Can Help

Drug crimes in San Francisco can range from simple possession for personal use to drug trafficking and manufacturing. Typical drugs in criminal cases can range from marijuana to ecstasy to cocaine, crack cocaine and methamphetamines. So when you think you might be charged with a drug crime, it’s important to have the backing of a San Francisco drug crime attorney who knows the law on drug crimes and is aggressive and experienced. Using a San Francisco criminal law firm such as the Morales Law Firm will be your first line of defense when facing any kind of drug related charge.

The Morales Firm is a San Francisco criminal law firm that knows the best defenses for drug related crimes. Crimes such as: possession/possession with intent to sell; manufacturing; sale; distribution; trafficking; and cultivation. If you have been charged with any of these offenses, you may think that there is no way out but, there is. You still have constitutional rights and, not only are we here to make sure those rights remain protected, we’re also here to help you find the best defense for your case.

I am Chris Morales, and I have been a San Francisco drug crime attorney for almost twenty years. I am well-versed in all areas of drug crime law and can help you through your case, with my first priority being the dismissal of your case, and if that’s not possible, then getting your charges and penalties reduced as much as possible. I am one of the few San Francisco drug crime attorneys that is a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist Apart from drug cases. My criminal law firm is ready to handle any criminal court case. We have been involved in many high-profile cases, as well as all types of minor offenses. No case or possible criminal charge is too big or too small for us to handle.

Finding yourself facing drug charges, or charges for any other criminal offense, is a depressing situation. But don’t give up! I am a San Francisco criminal lawyer that will fight to get your charges either dropped or reduced. The Law Offices of Chris Morales is your best line of defense, so call us first!

Important Aspects of Minnesota Divorce Laws


Divorces are a stressful experience for everyone including the divorce lawyers. IN this article we will discuss the important Aspects of Minnesota Divorce Laws that one must have an idea bout. There are two types of Minnesota Divorces. Absolute divorce and limited divorce. The former is a judicial termination of marriage based on marital misconduct or other types of causes that have cropped up after marriage is legalized. Here after divorce both the people are considered single again. Limited divorce laws are different in each state. They are commonly called separation decree. Here the right to live together is terminated but marriage is not dissolved and status of both parties remains unchanged.


The first important aspect is that to apply for divorce in Minnesota courts it is compulsory that one of the spouses must have been a resident of Minnesota for at least 180 days immediately before the petition for dissolution of marriage has been filed.

Legal Grounds for Divorce in Minnesota could either be `No Fault Divorce’ which includes living separate and apart for 180 days, visible and obvious marital discord affecting the attitude of 1 or both of the spouses toward the marriage adversely. Then there is General Divorce: where irrevocable breakdown of the marriage is the only ground for dissolution of marriage under Minnesota Divorce laws.

The grounds for a legal separation in Minnesota are that the divorce will be granted if the court finds that the spouses really need a legal separation. One of the spouses must have been a resident of Minnesota for at least 6 months before the petition for legal separation is filed as mentioned in the beginning. According to Minnesota Divorce Laws the petition may be brought by both husband and wife jointly as Co-Petitioners. This procedure eliminates the need for service of process or the use of a summons etc.


Another important aspect of Minnesota divorce laws include divorce mediation or counseling requirements which means mediation in the divorce may be ordered in cases where custody of children is also contested. Exceptions are where history of spousal abuse or physical or sexual child abuse is being found or suspected.

Then there is property issue which is a crucial aspect of Minnesota Divorce Laws appropriately termed as Divorce Property Distribution. Minnesota is an “equitable distribution” state and so is the law related to divorce. Each spouse retains his or her non-marital property, like, Property bought before the marriage, gifts and inheritances, and property exchanged for such non-marital property.

Then there are other aspects like Alimony and Spousal Support, Spouse’s Name after Divorce, Child Custody after Divorce, issues related to Child Support after Divorce etc. Each aspect related to Minnesota divorce laws covers the issue in detail.

Common Law Liability of Dog Owners – Part #1

Washington State’s “Dog Bite Statute” holds dog owners strictly liable for damages caused by injuries inflicted by their dogs. The phrase “strictly liable” means that the dog owner is liable regardless of whether the owner knew about the dog’s dangerous propensities and regardless of whether the owner did anything wrong. To impose strict liability under the law, you simply must meet the elements of the statute.

But there is another basis to hold a dog owner liable for damages caused by the dog. In Washington a dog owner can also be held liable for damages under the common law. In this chapter I explain what “common law” means and how a dog owner can still be obligated to pay damages even if the terms of the “Dog Bite Statute” cannot be met.

What Is “Common Law”?

In our system of government, laws are usually created in two ways. The first way is when elected representatives draft a law and then enact it. At the state level, this body of representatives is called the “legislature.” The Washington state legislature creates laws known as “statutes.” At the local or city level, the body is often called the “city council” and it can create laws known as “ordinances.” At the county level these laws may be called “codes.” The “Dog Bite Statute” is an example of a law created by the Washington state legislature.

The second way that laws can be created is through the courts. This is also called “judge-made law” or more accurately, the “common law.” Essentially, the “common law” refers to a body of law that is created by the decisions or opinions of judges. These judge-made decisions must be followed and enforced by the lower courts, often called trial courts. A leading judge-made law is often referred to as “precedent” because a lower court must comply with the decision and also enforce it in other cases with similar fact patterns.

The courts are only permitted to decide issues of law based on the narrow set of facts before it. The courts cannot make law based on hypothetical facts. This means that the common law can take many years to develop. As a result, the common law may be created in a patch-work fashion. At times, seemingly inconsistent or contradictory laws can be reached by two different courts when the facts of the case are nearly identical or similar. The application of the common law can be much less predictable since the facts giving rise to the laws may be slightly different in subsequent cases. The existence of a new fact or the omission of a small fact in a new case can give rise to new exceptions or changes in the common law addressing that particular issue.

It is important to understand that the state legislature can enact a law that overrules or changes the common law on a particular subject. This can only occur if the legislature’s law is determined to be constitutional, which is a question left up to the courts. For example, by enacting the “Dog Bite Statute,” the Washington state legislature essentially supplemented or added to the common law by creating a new cause of action as long as the elements of the statute are met.

In Washington, there is a body of judge-made law (or common law) that has been created over the years with respect to liability of dog owners for injuries or damages inflicted by their dogs. The “common law” liability of dog owners is more fully explained below.

The Best DUI Attorney Has This Qualification?

You just got arrested for a DUI, and you are researching your options. You’re looking for teh best DUI attorney in your area, but what should you be looking for? Here’s a some general guidelines for finding the best DUI attorney…

Every State Is Different

Depending on your state, the DUI laws can really get complex. For example, in New York state, a DUI refers to driving under the influence; but only with a Blood Alcohol Content of up to .08%. But if your BAC is over .08%, then you are charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).

And in Minnesota or Texas, you’ll never get a DUI because all drunk driving offenses are referred to as DWI in those states. 

Something as simple as the terminology alone can cause the layman serious problems; and some of the more complex issues regarding your arrest and your individual DUI can mean the difference between some serious jail time or walking out with unsupervised probation.

The Best DUI Attorney In Your State Is… 

An expert in DUI law in your state. You need to determine this before choosing the best DUI defense attorney to represent you. 

Too many times, people choose a DUI defense attorney because their cousin used them; or they found a DUI lawyer out of the Yellow Pages that would represent them for 0. 

The problem being that these attorneys are not experts in DUI law; rather they are general practitioners of law in the state. In other words, they are jacks of all legal trades, and masters of none.

The Best DUI Attorney Practices DUI Law 

Each state is different in its DUI laws; and the best DUI attorney is an expert in the practice of DUI law in your state. They would know after your initial consultation whether there were any grounds for dismissal in your arrest or police report. 

For example, was your field sobriety test performed correctly? Was the chain of custody followed with your blood test? Were there any irregularities in the police report or during your arrest? 

And price is not always the yardstick of the best DUI attorney either. A good DUI lawyer can often pay for himself in reduced fines, jail time, and community service. And just because he is the most expensive, it does not make him the best DUI attorney for your individual case.

The Best DUI Attorney Works With You 

You need to do a little digging to find the best DUI attorney for your particular DUI case. 

The best DUI attorney is one that works with you, understands the nuances of your case, and most importantly, understands you. 

After all, a DUI is stressful enough; you don’t want to be banging heads with your DUI defense attorney as well. 

So what do you do now?

Minnesota Family Lawyer – Your Family Friend When it comes to Family Disputes

Small disagreements at home between the two spouses often lead to argument and later it may develop to swearing. What follows is violence and the end result is a divorce suit. If the two spouses or one of them learn tolerance this situation could be prevented but today’s hectic work schedules people are bound to face, make them lose their composure more often than not. When a family cannot g on any longer as one unit, they need to split. This is where you need the help of a Minnesota family lawyer.

When you need the help of a Minnesota family lawyer to handle your case the first thing you need to do is to find a good lawyer. There are a few ways to find a good lawyer. One way is to ask your friends and your office mates. They will be able to recommend a suitable lawyer because some of them have gone through the procedure or they have friends who have retained lawyers in their cases.

Another good method to find a good Minnesota family lawyer is to go to Internet and look for one. Many of them have websites and the contact numbers and email addresses are there in them. To learn about the lawyer, you can read the testimonials which are found in the websites. Once you decide on a lawyer, you can arrange a meeting with him by taking an appointment. Once you meet him, you can discuss all aspects of your case and get his opinion on how to proceed with it. If the Minnesota family lawyer you have retained is having sufficient experience and knowledge on the subject, he will be able to guide you on the right action to take, from which you can get the best advantage.

In the first interview, the lawyer would have advised you on how to prepare for the case and what and what documents you need. Once you are ready with all these details you can make a second consultation. Your Minnesota family lawyer will charge only for the second consultation. Normally they make the first one free of charge. When you go for the second consultation, you need to carry tax returns, bank statements and any other documents to prove your spouse’s income. Also if your spouse has already filed action, you need to take any documents relating to that too.

Once you provide the details and the documents relevant to your case, the Minnesota family lawyer will study the documents and will prepare necessary papers to go ahead with the case. The first and foremost document will be the one that is served to your spouse informing him of the termination of the marriage. Once he receives the letter, he could meet your lawyer and discuss to arrive at a possible solution. Most often this leads to an out of court solution.

Brown Family Law is a Minnesota law firm of experienced Minnesota family lawyer and divorce attorneys focusing on Divorce and Family Law cases. Our attorneys represent clients throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Call or contact us or visit our Blog – http://www.mnfamilylawblog.com/ – for advice and guidance in contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody cases, child support, and more.

What should an attorney from a well-reputed Minneapolis divorce law firm do for you?

Lot of professionals such as doctors and lawyers play an important role in every one’s life. When you are sick; taking your own medication is highly risky, instead you consult a doctor who specializes in a particular field of medicine. Likewise, when you need legal advice in regards to your marital problems, then you need to approach an experienced attorney who works in a reputed Minneapolis divorce law firm. Representing yourself on your own will not bring you a favorable outcome and it will add up to your frustration. The firm will handle all the issues involved in the legal process such as child support, spousal support, property division and child custody.

Divorce is not something that you face regularly in your normal life. The very thought of divorce can bring you nightmares and coping with it is stressful. This is why you need to hire an expert who specializes in family law. When you apply for a divorce, you expect to get a solution as soon as possible. Not every case is same as the other. Hire a professional attorney from a well renowned Minneapolis divorce law firm who can guide you through the entire legal proceedings. This kind of a well-experienced attorney knows what exactly needs to be done so that your goal can be achieved within a reasonable time frame. Your attorney will also keep you updated regularly on all the legal proceedings. This way you can be confident that your attorney is working on your case with utmost sincerity and dedication.

If you are located in Minneapolis, you can look out for a Minneapolis divorce law firm that is situated in the same locality. There are numerous knowledgeable and well experienced attorneys who are familiar with family law but the million dollar question here is how do you know who is the best? Referral can be one best method of hiring an attorney. Most of the law firms offer free initial one to one or telephonic consultation. The initial consultation helps you in knowing more about how your case will be handled and you can also find out if you are comfortable dealing with the attorney. Do not hesitate to ask any questions or get your doubts clarified.

Though a well-established Minneapolis divorce law firm handles lots of clients daily, it should pay individual attention to each and every one. All the paperwork, meetings, filing will be handled in a systematic way so that your money and time are not wasted. Normally, a reputed firm such as this will have attorneys who have a rich experience and expertise in areas such as divorce, spousal maintenance, property division etc. These kinds of attorneys know their job very well as they handle numerous cases and they are well aware of the kind of trauma a person experiences during a tough phase of divorce. A professional attorney makes sure that all the legal proceedings are completed smoothly so that you need not undergo more stress.

Brown Family Law is a Minneapolis Divorce Law Firm of divorce lawyers and attorneys focusing on Divorce and Family Law cases. Our attorneys represent clients throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Call or contact us or visit our Blog – http://www.mnfamilylawblog.com/ – for advice and guidance in contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody cases, child support, and more.

Prospective Divorce Attorneys – The 2 Most Important Questions To Ask During An Interview

Interviewing divorce attorneys can be an arduous task. You’re already trying to deal with the myriad of emotions that come with divorce and you’re worried about the financial implications of your choice. If there are children involved, no doubt you’re main priority is to complete the divorce process as smoothly as possible to minimize the disruption to their lives.

Minimizing the stress of the divorce process for all parties involved can be achieved through hiring the right divorce attorney. Firstly, it is important to conduct interviews with three to six divorce attorneys in your area. While there are dozens of questions that you can ask during an interview, they all seem to lead to the same two things – money and experience. It is vital that you ask the following to important questions when interviewing prospective divorce attorneys.

An Initial Question To Start

Yes, there are two main questions you should ask, but before you even choose which divorce attorneys to interview, find out whether they charge for initial interview appointments. In smaller states, you can find divorce attorneys that don’t charge for the first appointment. However, if you live in bigger cities, such as Chicago, divorce attorneys will normally charge a small fee to meet with you for an interview. Be skeptical of attorneys charging the full amount of a divorce for a simple consultation.

#1 Question For Prospective Divorce Attorneys

The first question revolves around money. Divorce can be expensive. It’s not just the division of assets, it’s the cost in working out child support, extras like private detectives or psychologists, and of course the attorney fees. Therefore, the number one priority in your interview process is to find out how much your divorce will cost.

Most divorce lawyers will be reluctant to give you a total cost of the divorce. However, they should be able to ask you a series of questions to deduce a rough estimate of your divorce costs. They should take into account whether your divorce is amicable, whether you have children, and the grounds for divorce (unless you live in a no fault state like California).

As part of this, you should discuss their fee structure. Do they charge by the day, hour, or minute? Does the cost increase if you go to court? Will they charge for advice on peripherals such as tax implications? What are the standard disbursements? Finding a lawyer who does not charge you every time you make a simple phone call will significantly reduce your stress levels, and the overall cost of their time.

#2 Question For Prospective Divorce Attorneys

The second most important question after money is your attorney’s experience. First, determine whether they specialize in divorce law, or simply offer it as part of a number of areas of law. It is better to choose an attorney that is a specialist in divorce law. Additionally, if there are children caught up in the divorce, you should investigate whether your divorce attorneys are qualified in Family Law.

To get a good gauge of their divorce experience, ask them how many divorce cases they have handled that are similar to yours. Look for an honest answer that contains specific details and examples. This way, you can feel comfortable that you will receive the best advice possible on your entitlements.

While divorce law does vary from state to state, asking these two important questions will help you assess which of your divorce attorneys in Chicago, Boston, California, or any other state could be right for you.

Academic Disciplines: Law and Justice as Your Future Subjects

No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor.

Theodore Roosevelt

Well, law is one of the oldest and greatest creations of people which can be admired or hated, but it can be never violated. The first written mentioning of laws can be found in Ancient Egypt in the 3000 BC. Of course, modern law is much multifaceted than those first ancient laws. However, ancient people considered many legal issues concerning various crimes: murders, robbery, etc. Thus, such professions as lawyers, prosecutors may be placed in the range of the oldest ones. In spite of the long history, law as an academic discipline started its existence quite recently, a few centuries ago.

In terms of this discipline you may study such branches as constitutional law, criminal law, administrative law, international law, property law, labor law, family law, immigration law, etc. Each branch of this academic discipline deals with various issues. Law students study numerous laws, consider different cases and learn to interpret laws. What features of character and skills you may need if you decide to study this academic discipline?

You should develop your analytical skills. Your future career presupposes deep analysis and drawing the correct conclusions. 
You should train your memory. You will have to learn and remember numerous laws to be able to solve cases.
You must be very attentive. You cannot afford missing any detail, anything at all, even if it may seem a trifle thing. Such “trifles” may define further lives of many people.
If you want to study international law, you may need to learn several (at least one) foreign language.
The last thing, but the most important, is to remember that you must stay calm, objective and impartial.

Overtime And Child Support In Rhode Island

What if my child’s parent works overtime? Will overtime be included in child support in Rhode Island?

There is no standard law or rule in Rhode Island  (RI) regarding whether or not the non-possessory parent’s overtime will be used to calculate child support. One Judge in Rhode Island  Family Court consistently rules that overtime compensation cannot be used to calculate child support. Please call Rhode Island Child Support Lawyer, David Slepkow 401-437-1100.

Other Judges in Rhode Island have different opinions regarding overtime. The Family Court is a court of equity and fairness. Judges in Rhode Island will typically look at whether or not a person consistently works overtime over a substantial period of time. Judges may also look at whether or not overtime is consistently offered to a spouse.

If overtime is infrequent or not typically offered, Judges may be hesitant to calculate overtime as a factor of child support. In that case, many attorneys argue that a person’s income should be calculated using their W2 or gross income for the entire calendar year. By calculating gross income over an entire calendar year even infrequent overtime becomes an element of child support.   Judges may also look at other factors such as the needs and expenses of both parties and any extraordinary expenses for the child.

At least one Judge has suggested that the possessory parent get a percentage of the overtime that is worked by the non-possessory parent.  That Judge suggested that a third of the overtime be used for child support purposes,1/3 for taxes and 1/3 for the person who worked the overtime. Many Judges in Rhode Island (RI) believe that overtime should always be a factor in determining child support. Often the issue of overtime is negotiated by the Family Law lawyers / Attorneys prior to any formal ruling by the Judge.

Legal Notice per Rules of Professional Responsibility:

The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice

  Please consult with a Rhode Island Divorce, Family Law lawyer or Child Support Attorney.  

Cost of Legal Separation or Divorce

Legal subjects have variable fees particularly when it comes with diverse levels of experience and hourly costs. This begs a veer of questions. How would you hire an attorney? And how do you know if an attorney is worth his or her price? This article discusses these questions and will help you to get some tips.
Do you need to hire Divorce lawyer in long island?

In case of divorce, you no need to hire a lawyer always. Perhaps you will be able to work with your spouse, go with mediation and save money. Mediation is cost effective, but always not possible. If your spouse is reluctant to negotiate and hired a Long Island divorce lawyer, you will also need to do so too. A lawyer is precious in protecting your rights in case of divorce. And when your assets; your children and your funds are on the block, an experienced divorce lawyer is essential.
How to hire a divorce lawyer

You will come across many law firms, but make sure to search nearby. This will help you to consult with your divorce attorney when required. It also makes certain that the lawyer also has experience in local courts. Most Of the attorneys offer you free consultations and may review your case also, so you can get in touch with 5-10 attorneys to look over their skills make a decision.

Cost to hire a divorce attorney

An experienced and qualified divorce attorney is precious and some time you may not be capable of affording their rates, particularly if the case is hard and complicated. They lawyer may ask you to pay 0 to 0 per hour and that may be beyond your range. Ask your lawyer to split your case into small discrete periods and to charge a fixed fee for each period of your case.  Or else you may also ask your attorney to give you a bid for the next period of your case.  If you think the bid is logical, go ahead and accept it.  If not, think to hire a new attorney.

Are you overcharged?

Regrettably, some of the divorce attorneys will charge high. Conversely some charges low but spend a little time for your case. A first-rate divorce attorney saves your time and money. So always remember how much can save and gain paying for a professional legal representative.

Search for competent lawyers and renowned law firms practicing in Long Island. Get enlisted in 800 Long Island Lawyers directory and get in touch with entities looking for legal aid and assistance.