A list of the biggest retail technology games last week——Retail Technology Innovation Hub

RTIH rounds up the outstanding retail system deals, deployments and pilots from the past 7 days. Includes Jumbo, Tesco, Aldi Nord, Trigo, Currys, Burger King, M&S and Victoria’s Secret.


Jumbo, the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, which also has stores in Belgium, has announced an exclusive partnership with Hanshow for electronic shelf labels.

The retailer currently has more than 700 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

To date, Hanshow’s solutions have been rolled out at more than 250 locations. All 700 Big Macs will be upgraded soon, and more than 11 million Hanshow electronic price tags will be installed.


Spacee has launched a new version of its Deming shelf-mounted robot with a live video feed, allowing retail store managers to remotely view shelves and get real-time inventory snapshots.

“There’s a huge gap between the data retailers collect in their e-commerce operations and the data they get from brick-and-mortar stores,” said Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee.

“Space helps fill that gap with critical in-store customer and supply chain data. Our latest Deming Robot now takes it to the next level with live and recorded video.”

Robots roam the shelves, capturing inventory data. While it can take days for employees to collect inventory manually and a full day for floor robots, Deming can provide accurate inventory accounting for an entire facility in under a minute, Spacee said.

One tool is required for installation and approximately 30 minutes per channel.


British tech retailer Currys said it had invested more than £250,000 in a range of robotic exoskeleton suits to help colleagues at logistics partner GXO work safely and efficiently during the festive season.

The suits, which are being used at Currys’ Newark facility, will help people with everyday physical tasks, with the aim of reducing stress on joints and muscles when lifting heavy objects.

The Newark site will deliver 8.7 million items of inventory to all of its 309 stores during Black Friday.

Worn like a small backpack, the robot suit provides colleagues with at least 10 tons of relief over the course of a typical shift—up to 30 kilograms off the waist per lift.

Constructed from ultra-light carbon fiber, this waterproof exoskeleton incorporates the AI-based Smart Safety Companion Ergonomic Early Warning System, which alerts you in real time to signs of poor posture and incorrect lifting exercises.

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