About 14,000 customers affected after Tacoma substation vandalized by thieves


About 14,000 customers in Puyallup and Graham, Washington, were affected after thieves vandalized three substations belonging to Tacoma Utilities and Puget Sound Energy on Sunday, police said.

No suspects are currently in custody, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department added in a statement Sunday.

The Sheriff’s Department said their agency first received a report of a theft at a Tacoma utility substation at 5:26 a.m. PT.

“Delegates arrived on scene and saw someone forcefully enter the fenced area,” the statement said. “Nothing was taken from the substation, but the suspect damaged equipment, causing a power outage in the area.”

Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies received reports of a second theft at a separate Tacoma utility substation that also forced entry and damaged equipment, the statement said. Similar to the first substation, no measures were taken.

“At 11:25 we were notified by Puget Sound Energy that they also had a power outage at 02:39 this morning. Representatives are currently on site at the facility and a fenced area has been broken into and equipment damaged,” the statement continued.

“At this time deputies are conducting an initial investigation. We do not have any suspects in custody. It is unclear if there was any motive or if this was a coordinated attack on the power system,” the statement said.

The FBI’s Seattle division told CNN on Sunday that it was aware of the reports but declined to confirm or deny its role in any investigation, adding: “We do take threats to our infrastructure seriously, And urge anyone with information to contact law enforcement.”

The city of Puyallup is 10 miles south of Tacoma. Graham is 16 miles south of Tacoma.

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