Aiken creates egg business at 11 to save on gaming PCs

Aiken, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) – Growing up, kids would have entry jobs like mowing the lawn or selling lemonade, but we found one kid who was turning his chickens into profit.

“I love my chickens and I love what I started,” Faolan Williams said.

Williams, 11, turned part of his parents’ yard into a ranch.

“I come here every morning to check on the eggs and I also check on their food and water so they don’t eat too little,” he said.

Williams goes out several times a day to check on his chickens. He is almost 30 years old.

“My dad said I should work for what I want, which is my computer, and not just get it,” he said.

To get the gaming PC he wanted, Williams had to fight hard.

“Work hard for what you get, and you’ll see how much it’s worth,” he said.

He uses social media to sell colored eggs from his chickens for $6 a dozen. With the recent increase in egg prices, the demand is there, Williams said.

“I had a huge list, one page before and after. It was full, so we had to start another page,” he said.

His chicken is hard to keep up with. He said they lay about a dozen eggs a day together. You have to wait and be patient.

Williams knew that if he kept at it, he’d make enough money one day. He plans to nearly double his chicken population by summer. After getting the computer, he said that he would continue to sell eggs to save money to buy a house.

For more information, visit his Facebook page.

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