Apple’s MagSafe technology helps lay the groundwork for the Wireless Power Consortium’s next-generation Qi2 standard

The Wireless Power Consortium has launched the next-generation Qi2 standard, which will succeed Qi. What’s most interesting about this announcement is that this technology will incorporate elements of Apple’s MagSafe. In short, you can expect Android smartphones and tablets to also feature magnets, allowing them to snap onto Qi2 chargers seamlessly.

Qi2 brings advantages over Qi such as improved power efficiency and faster charging

The announcement states that Qi2 will feature the Magnetic Power Profile, meaning any and all devices that support the technology will use the same MagSafe parts currently available in existing MagSafe products from the iPhone 12 and later. The Wireless Power Consortium claims that with this Magnetic Power Profile, any Qi2-enabled device will align “perfectly” with the charger for faster and more efficient charging. Paul Struhsaker, Executive Director of the Wireless Power Consortium, made the following statement regarding the new standard.

“Consumers and retailers have been telling us they are confused about which devices are Qi-certified and those that claim to be Qi-compatible but aren’t. This confusion can lead to poor user experience and even safety issues. Our Standards Assure consumers that their devices are safe, efficient and interoperable with other brands. Qi2 will become the global standard for wireless charging and provide consumers and retailers with that assurance.”

The Qi2 standard will also serve as a gateway and open the market to new accessories that cannot be charged using current surface-to-plane devices. The Wireless Power Consortium says Qi2-compatible smartphones and chargers will be available by holiday 2023. The news also suggests that Apple may be taking a step toward a “portless” iPhone in the near future.

It’s also possible that Apple could earn some sort of royalty by licensing its MagSafe technology to other platforms. Given the tech giant’s partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium, Apple could get an equally good deal for other companies adopting the same technology that the iPhone currently uses.

News source: Business Wire

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