Beacon Leverages New Technology to Create Broad Value for Travelers

san diego, November 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The next big thing in travel could be right around the corner! Beacon was founded by a group of vacation industry executives passionate about delivering premium travel at up to 70% of true wholesale costs. Many of their prices are so low that they cannot be shown to the public.

“We already have two successful models that have delivered tremendous value to our members across the country. Beacon is the result of the travel industry evolving and years of listening to customer feedback. Everyone wants everything these days, they want convenience, and they want control without commitment,” says Derek Gough,President.

Goff has directed several projects to bring wholesale travel to the public sector. While developing employee benefits programs for Fortune 500 companies, he saw first-hand the difference between what consumers were used to paying for travel and the wholesale prices most people had never seen available to large corporations.

Beacon is poised to cash in by offering an alternative to the well-known free travel sites consumers have grown accustomed to. A simple search on their private platform can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. “Travel expands minds, breaks boundaries, humanizes culture and celebrates differences. It brings people together and helps us better understand our connection to the world,” Goff said.

In today’s world, who wouldn’t imagine himself enjoying time away from it all in a faraway land? Whether clients want to stay at five-star resorts, luxury private homes and villas, or cruise ships, Beacon seems to be able to offer them at a price that’s sure to turn some heads in the multibillion-dollar travel industry.

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