Biden’s tech war against China

The Biden administration is waging an all-out economic war against China, aimed not only at curbing trade, but preventing China from making progress and competing with the United States in key high-tech areas.

President Joe Biden speaks outside Independence Hall on Thursday, September 9. January 1, 2022, Philadelphia. [AP Photo/Evan Vucci]

Last month, Biden took the unprecedented step of banning the sale of state-of-the-art semiconductors and the equipment needed to make them to China. U.S. citizens are also barred from working for Chinese computer chip makers.

While the U.S. enforces the ban in the name of “defense,” semiconductors are not only critical to military applications, but are essential to nearly every aspect of modern society, from electronics and transportation to the design and production of a wide variety of goods.

China is the world’s largest manufacturer, and its reliance on semiconductors is highlighted by the fact that it spends more on imported computer chips than on oil and gas. In 2021, China imported a record $414 billion in computer chips, accounting for more than 16% of its total imports.

While the U.S. ban does not apply to all semiconductor sales to China, the ban applies to the latest generation of computer chips that are vital to technological fields such as artificial intelligence, supercomputing and automation. Washington has deliberately sabotaged China’s ambitious “Made in China 2025” plan to rapidly become a global leader in a range of high-tech industries including artificial intelligence, 5G wireless and quantum computing.

Biden’s escalating economic war against Beijing is part of the U.S. preparations for a military conflict with China. Despite the reckless U.S. and its NATO allies waging war against Russia in Ukraine, the recently released U.S. National Security Strategy identifies China as “the only competitor with the intent and ability to reshape the international order.”

The dangers of Biden’s China semiconductor ban are all but hidden from the American and international working classes. In the economic and strategic realms, however, its enormous impact is evident. October 19 Financial Times An article by Edward Luce titled “Containment of China is a clear Biden goal” sounded the following wake-up call: “Imagine a superpower declaring war on a great power and no one notices. Joe Biden this month launched an all-out economic war against China — all but halted the U.S.’s rise — and for the most part, Americans didn’t respond.

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