Business awaits Florida Panthers ahead of holiday

Sunrise — The Florida Panthers have a big task ahead of the All-Star break.

And, unlike most of us, they can’t afford to ignore the flood of emails and mail on the last day of work before the holidays.

If they do, the Boston Bruins will make things really ugly.

Florida State has now lost its past three games after Friday night’s home loss to the Kings.

If they want to make the playoffs, they already have no games left.

Yes, they better bring it tonight.


Go to the beach, fly back home, see family.

However, business awaits.

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Gus Forsling is a fighter, right?

The Florida Panthers defense has been dealing with unsightly injuries but keeps coming back.

Will he play tonight? Paul Maurice doesn’t seem to think so – but we’re not betting on him,

– Bad start, good finish, but the story of the Panthers vs. Kings on Friday is the same story.

— Announced by the Maple Leafs Austin Matthews He will miss at least three weeks with a sprained knee, and as a result he will miss the South Florida All-Star Game.

welcome captain panther Sasha Barkov Go to the hometown party!

It will be Barkov’s second All-Star selection and his first since he left for Tampa in 2018.

Colin White He’s had a tough couple of weeks after going goalless before Thanksgiving.

But after a drought that ended in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, he hopes the worst is over.

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The New York Islanders snapped a six-game losing streak with a 2-0 win over Detroit, finally ending their losing streak.

— Maybe it’s best for the Detroit Red Wings if they rest for a few days.

— The Boston Bruins arrive in South Florida after a tough game against the Chargers.

– The Vegas Golden Knights have lost their offense as they have lost six of their past seven games.

— Philadelphia Flyers defensive player of the month? Cam York.

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Boston Browns at Florida Panthers

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