Business leaders and DOE gather at GCEAF to discuss path to commercial scale for key clean energy technologies

Whether we are strategizing nuclear power, hydrogen, direct air capture or other technologies, there is no one-size-fits-all framework to successfully bring them to market. America’s industrial strategy will be guided by innovation, and both the private sector and government have a responsibility to jointly plan these unique paths to commercial scale.

To generate the ideas, partnerships and momentum that will enable the private sector to evolve rapidly, the GCEAF Business Forum will foster open dialogue between industry, investors, government and the wider ecosystem of stakeholders. These conversations will focus on the following questions:

  • barriers to commercial scale,
  • what each of the 12 tech sectors will need to overcome these barriers and achieve $100 billion in capital formation,
  • the policy actions needed to achieve large-scale deployment,
  • Questions institutional investors need to answer (including what form investments need to take) to unlock trillion-dollar investments, and
  • The most critical places for government support and convenience – now and in the future.

The LPO is committed to leading these important conversations at GCEAF and beyond, asking how we can ensure that the policies and tools available to the clean energy industry are aligned with driving private sector-led, government-backed approaches to commercialisation.

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