Butchers & Bakers Closing Business – The Bowdoin Orient

The Butchers & Bakers, a gluten-free artisan bakery and butcher in the Tontine Shopping Centre in downtown Brunswick, is permanently closed on Sundays. Since its grand opening earlier this year, the establishment has earned accolades for its friendly atmosphere, commitment to sustainability and a selection of completely gluten-free products.

Owners Marissa Stahl-Hodgkins and Steven Campbell posted a heartfelt letter on their website last week informing clients of the establishment’s closure.

“We have made the difficult decision to close our doors because it is no longer economically possible for us to continue operating as normal,” the letter read. “We would like to thank all of you, our mentors, our dedicated team members, our friends and The continued support and positive words of family, and many more. We have been blessed with an incredible experience and a chance to put a smile on our faces every day.”

The sudden departure of The Butchers & Bakers is especially frustrating for those in need of a gluten-free diet. Ava Grandfield ’24, who has celiac disease, is sad to see this small business disappear.

“I think having a dedicated [gluten-free] You can go there for a meal, not just a quick gluten-free snack,” says Granfield. “And it’s so, so good…sadly, that kind of thing just can’t hold.I hope so [the owners] Find your way elsewhere. “

Despite the difficulties, Stahl-Hodgkins and Campbell remain staunch advocates of locally-focused sustainable consumption.

“While we will miss the opportunity to provide you with product after closure, we hope you will continue to support our farmers and other local businesses,” they wrote.

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