Cadillac man’s bad construction business earns him 2 arrest warrants

Dexter Mattson Frontera MugMore than a year after his first complaint, a Cadillac man has been charged with defrauding people with a construction project. They said he was even wanted in Grand Traverse County at the time for the same thing.

State police learned of Jakob Dexter-Mattson-Frontera’s business, J-Dub Construction, in September 2021.

The first victim said she hired J-Dub Construction to work on her property, but he never completed the work.

The second victim said Dexter-Mattson-Frontera contacted her after she posted on Facebook looking for a builder. He poured a concrete foundation for a building, but the contractor was unable to build the building due to poor quality.

The soldiers said Dexter-Mattson-Frontera did not have permission for the work and refused to redo it. Victims ended up having to pay over $11,000 to have it fixed.

After a warrant was issued in November 2022, the owner of J-Dub Construction was finally arrested and turned himself in.

He was charged with two counts of false fraud over $1,000 but less than $20,000, two counts of violating a builders trust fund, two counts of practicing without a license under the Skilled Trades Regulation Act and a repeat offender fourth notice.

He was released on bail and will return to court in December. 13.

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