CLDY Announces C.3 Gen Technology: A Permanent Solution to Prevent Website Downtime

CLDY Hosting

CLDY Hosting

CLDY promises to provide stable, secure and ultra-fast hosting services with C3.Gen. Proprietary technology powering managed solutions with 200% uptime protection.

Time is a valuable online currency and we want to equip businesses with the right hosting technology powered by C.3 Gen to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience with their web applications. “

——Chen Dan

SINGAPORE, Dec. 12, 2022 / — Stable, secure and ultra-fast, these are the promises of global cloud technology provider CLDY to C3.Gen. Proprietary technology is designed to power the brand’s signature hosting solution, enabling website owners to take advantage of 200% uptime protection.

While brick-and-mortar stories follow a routine 9-to-5 schedule, online businesses are open 24/7, or at least that’s the expectation.

Business owners know all too well how a website can impact revenue and brand. Therefore, when a website or web service goes down, business opportunities are lost immediately.

Businesses face a 100% loss during an outage; that’s zero sales, leads, transactions and advertising revenue. According to IT consultancy Gartner, businesses lose an average of US$5,600 (S$8,024) per minute of downtime.

Also, constant outages can affect your website rankings. While Google is vague about how long a site can remain down before it affects page rankings, the search engine will remove your site from search results pretty quickly.

If your site is down for a few days, Google will stop indexing your site completely. This can take a huge toll on your SEO efforts and force you to start over.

CLDY C.3 Gen technology promises up to 200% uptime protection

There are many factors that can lead to downtime. Common causes include server hardware failure, malicious attacks, or scheduled maintenance.

A good web hosting provider takes primary responsibility for preventing downtime. They should be proactive in securing and maintaining their servers to ensure their servers are up and running.

CLDY ensures secure hosting and daily monitoring while raising the bar with C.3 Gen technology.

C.3 Gen is CLDY’s proprietary technology designed to power the brand’s signature hosting solutions. While most hosting providers offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, CLDY allows clients to enjoy up to 200% uptime protection. It does this by leveraging C3.Gen’s Active Optimization Prioritization, a component that gives customers access to the maximum managed resources.

Together with C.3 Gen, CLDY helps businesses launch their best websites by:

enterprise hardware
Custom hosting configuration
AI-driven technology to prevent malicious attacks
24/7 performance features and monitoring
Access to the global support team

“Since COVID-19, we’ve seen an acceleration of digital reliance, increasing the need for faster website speeds and greater uptime,” said Dan Chen, MD, CLDY. “Given that time is a valuable online currency, We want to equip businesses with the right hosting technology powered by C.3 Gen to ensure their web applications provide a smooth and uninterrupted online experience.”

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