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On September 30, 2022, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathryn Hicks designated the Director of Administration and Management (DA&M) as the senior official responsible for OSD information management and technology and to serve as OSD’s Chief Information Officer. DA&M’s Michael B. Donley has now established the Information Management and Technology Council and has selected Ms. Danielle Metz to lead the office.

As Director of IM&T, Ms. Metz will support DA&M as OSD’s CIO and lead the strategic modernization of the OSD Component Information Enterprise. IM&T’s initial focus was on establishing a framework for integrating IT activities across OSD components; developing a baseline of OSD IT resource requirements; and creating a standardized Memorandum of Agreement between OSD and federated service providers to provide shared service support.

This move is another example of Deputy Secretary Hicks’ efforts to improve business processes within OSD and across the department by modernizing the way the department conducts business, including in the IT area.

See Deputy Secretary Hicks’ memo, “Modernizing the Digital Experience in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.”

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