Deepfake Technology in Drug Design

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Insilico Medicine, a clinical-stage artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery company, is leveraging the same deepfakes used to create virtual human artwork and photorealistic images Technology to design has the potential to treat disease. Insilico’s end-to-end artificial intelligence platform, Pharma.AI, can discover new targets, design new drugs, and now predict the outcome of clinical trials. The technology could dramatically reduce the time and cost of bringing new life-saving drugs to market.

Join an exclusive virtual launch event on Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. ETInsilico Medicine announced two system updates and a brand new component to its three-part Pharma.AI platform:

  • Pandaomics 3.0 – Artificial intelligence for object discovery
  • Chemistry 42 2.0 – All for small molecule design
  • Clinical Medicine 1.0 – Artificial intelligence for clinical trial prediction

The event will include special technical guests, presentations, and a Q&A session with Insilcio Medicine Founder and CEO Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov and AI Platform Lead Dr. Petrina Kamya.

“We’re at a tipping point,” he said Dr. Petrina Kamya, Head of AI Platform, Insilico Medicine“We’ve shown how far this technology can go, with the first AI-discovered targets and AI-designed drugs in Phase 1 clinical trials. The further we go, the more futile it is to oppose the adoption of AI.”

Since launching the earliest version of its platform in 2014, Insilico Medicine has continued to innovate and expand the capabilities of the platform – publishing hundreds of studies and collaborating with academic researchers and numerous pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Arvinas, Fosun Pharma and EQRx Company cooperation.

Addressing the high costs and inefficiencies of traditional drug discovery

Traditional drug discovery is slow, inefficient and expensive.

It takes more than 10 years and $1 billion or more to bring a drug to market. More than 90% of drugs fail in the early detection stage, and 90% fail in clinical trials. This inefficient process hinders the design, testing and sale of new life-saving drugs so they cannot start helping patients.

Insilico’s Pharma.AI platform brings speed and predictive power to every stage of the process. With the addition of the upcoming autonomous AI robotics lab in Suzhou, China, Insilico will be able to conduct more tests, generate more data, and further strengthen its AI systems.

Technology proven

Insilico’s lead program, targeting the debilitating progressive lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), is wrapping up Phase 1 human trials, the target of the first AI discovery and AI-designed drugs have reached this milestone. The platform has also helped to nominate eight preclinical candidates in less than a year in various indications including anti-infection, immuno-oncology and inflammation.

Insilico is led by a team of artificial intelligence and drug discovery and development experts, and its scientific advisors include Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Dr. Michael Levitt of Stanford University School of Medicine. The company has won multiple awards including AI 100 from CB Insights, Fierce 15, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award, NVIDIA Top 5 AI for Social Impact, Hong Kong Business Technology Awards, and was named one of the top Inside Precision Medicine’s 6 AI drug discovery biotech company. In September, founder and CEO Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov was named one of the Top 50 Global Innovators by Codex.

Following the 14 virtual launch in November, Insilico will present three separate webinars, offering potential partners a more in-depth demonstration of each of its platforms.

PHARMA.AI Webinar Kickoff Series

For the media and the public:

November 14/9 ET: Pharma.AI Virtual Launch Event. Registrar.

For potential partners:

November 15:09AM ET: PandaOmics 3.0 Webinar. Registrar.

November 9:16AM ET: Chemistry42 2.0 webinar. Registrar.

November 9:17AM ET: InClinico 1.0 Webinar. Registrar.

About Insilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine is a clinical-stage end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery company that is using next-generation artificial intelligence systems to connect biology, chemistry and clinical trial analysis. The company develops artificial intelligence platforms that utilize deep generative models, reinforcement learning, transformers and other modern machine learning techniques to discover new targets and generate new molecular structures with desired properties. Insilico Medicine is developing breakthrough solutions to discover and develop innovative medicines for cancer, fibrosis, immunity, central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and aging-related diseases. Website:

  • Dr. Petrina Kamya, Head of AI Platform, Insilico Medicine

  • Pharma.AI Virtual Launch Event November 14


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