Defenders’ voices highlighted at UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

For the first time since the pandemic began, the 11th UN Forum on Business and Humanity resumed face-to-face discussions. This enables ISHR and partners to address issues and challenges through a series of activities that align with the central theme of this year’s forum: “Putting Rights Holders at the Center: Enhancing Accountability to Advance Business Respect for People and Planet in the Next Decade” .

The events focus on the responsibility of companies operating in Russia against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine; on Covid-19 vaccines, transparency and the crackdown on defenders during the pandemic; women human rights defenders protecting Latin American people and The role of a planet free from extractive industries; on questioning the effectiveness of UN Guiding Principles and National Action Plans as remedies for victims and human rights defenders; and finally, ISHR hosted the World Benchmarks Alliance’s Corporate Human Rights Benchmarking Conference.

These events, which bring together many strategic partners, are key to strengthening ISHR’s business and human rights priorities, with defenders always at the center.

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