DexCare Appoints Seasoned Software Specialist Rick Pittenger as Chief Technology Officer

Seattle – (Business Wire)–DexCare, Inc., a leading data-driven intelligence company focused on creating exceptional healthcare access experiences for everyone, has appointed Rick Pittenger as Chief Technology Officer. Pittenger is an Internet and consumer technology veteran and a recognized leader in the development, deployment, and management of large-scale SaaS systems. A key member of the leadership team, this seasoned software engineer has extensive experience building complex and market-scalable high-performance systems that are used by the world’s leading enterprises.

In his new role, Pittenger will lead DexCare’s applications, infrastructure and engineering teams. His broad, targeted expertise will serve as an added value, extending and amplifying the powerful work done by these teams.

“Rick’s success in leading teams that build complex systems using modern software development practices required to achieve scale will allow DexCare to continue to grow and innovate at the level of excellence our health system expects,” CEO Derek Streat said. “Rick’s resume speaks for itself; he has participated in numerous IPOs and successfully transformed multiple teams through M&A. Technically, he has been at the forefront of consumer and engineering trends for decades, and we can’t wait to see until his expertise became a reality as he helped us reimagine the nursing experience.”

Pittenger most recently served as CTO of Cint, a digital insights gathering platform with $300 million in annual revenue and over $2 billion in value. After Cint acquired Lucid for $1.1 billion, he joined Cint as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for product and engineering. During his three years at Lucid, Pittenger led the company’s transformation into a technology-driven market research platform, helping to transform the online market research industry and cement Lucid’s leadership in the field. Lucid’s platform can ask billions of questions to users around the world, enabling millions of voices to be heard. He also helped drive innovative products such as Lucids’ Media Measurement, the market leader in measuring the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

An Internet technology veteran, Pittenger began his Internet development career at GeoCities in 1996, where he led the engineering organization through its IPO and subsequent acquisition by Yahoo. While working at Yahoo, he focused on large enterprise, and ultimately consumer-facing sites. He later moved to Proofpoint, where he helped the company with another successful IPO. He holds a BSCS from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MSCS and MBA from the University of Southern California.

“The dynamism of DexCare is evident. With their recent acquisition of Womp, Inc., a preeminent e-commerce and online sales technology company, it’s clear they have an innovative and somewhat novel vision to bring a new type of healthcare access experience to life into the hands of consumers,” said Rick Pittenger. “I am eager to apply my knowledge of consumer and digital growth marketing in this new role, and to work with a team that is not only at the forefront of this industry, but at the forefront.”

About DexCare

Incubated in Providence, one of the largest health systems in the U.S., DexCare is a data-driven intelligence company Focus on making health care better for everyone. DexCare’s core product is a dedicated software platform for health systems that coordinates digital needs and health system capacity across all areas of care. The platform appeals to high-value, commercially insured consumers by delivering a highly discoverable, fully digital and unified experience while expanding the health system’s existing EMR, caregiver and brand investments. What makes DexCare unique is its intelligent navigation and load balancing across providers, settings, modes and service lines. DexCare’s data-driven engine allocates, adjusts and optimizes resources to best meet consumer needs and health system business goals.

DexCare powers the digital engines of America’s leading health systems, including Kaiser, Houston Methodist, Massachusetts General Hospital Brigham, and more. DexCare-powered digital experiences attract more than 30% of new patients, 85% of them are commercially insured, earn 8x downstream revenue, generate more than 20% cost savings per patient visit, and provide more than 90% of Net Promoter Satisfaction.

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