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Scottsdale, Ariz., Dec. 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For two entrepreneurs, best friends and passionate foodies, the RedCarpet™ story begins in 2021 as they scratch Asked Sean Bandawat, founder of RedCarpet™, “Why can’t we have some great pizza from Chicago delivered to our house?” asked Sean Bandawat, founder of RedCarpet™. Today, nearly a year and a half later, Bandawat and co-founder Michael Mulé have developed their proprietary technology platform, built relationships with key suppliers, built a sophisticated fulfillment network, and More order logs testify to demand across the country.

Scottsdale-based RedCarpet™ is an innovative technology company that provides nationwide pizza delivery from top pizzerias in Chicago, the undisputed pizza capital of the United States, and in downtown New York. Whether you want to order pizza from your favorite out-of-state pizzeria but can’t due to long-distance barriers, or want to try an iconic pizzeria located in a remote area, or live in a remote area that doesn’t have easy access to your favorite pizzeria, RedCarpet™ brings you the most authentic neighborhood pizzerias – all at your fingertips.

“On the consumer side, creating accessibility to pizza that didn’t exist before is at the core of what we do,” Bandawat said. “We’re also offering unprecedented national distribution to our partner pizzerias,” adds Mulé. This means that with RedCarpet™, you can dine like a local in the comfort of your own home, rather than having to experience pizzerias from Chicago and New York. Best pizza ever. It also means locally owned and operated pizzerias benefit from unparalleled marketing exposure.

Each pizzeria on the RedCarpet™ platform uses a variety of variables — from food quality to taste to notoriety — and is individually curated by the company’s team of “Trusted Pizza Fanatics,” with less than 1% of local pizzas Shops are hand selected. Ordering is an easy 3-step process: (1) search for the most authentic pizzerias in NYC and Chicago, curated by RedCarpet™; (2) their Mobile Distribution Center™ (MDC) will quickly freeze and pack and ship your order; (3) You will receive your award-winning pizza within days, shipped directly to your door on dry ice.

RedCarpet™ is a national pioneer in pizza delivery targeting an industry ripe for disruption. The technology provided by RedCarpet™ promises to do more than change the Internet. This promising start-up could very well change the world.

Contact information:
michael mule
(480) 688-1888

Sean Bandawat
(310) 993-8065

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Figure 1: RedCarpet™ Mobile Distribution Center™ (MDC)

The first-of-its-kind delivery method in the industry, RedCarpet™ MDC is critical to how the company brings world-class pizza to customers’ doorsteps across the country.

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  • RedCarpet™ Mobile Distribution Center™ (MDC)

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