Dollar Celebrates ‘Knaus School of Business’ in San Diego

Don and Aleknaus

October 1, 2022 The Office of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria ’00 (BA) announced the Knauss School of Business in the City of San Diego during a grand opening ceremony last Saturday at the Knauss Center for Business Education.

β€œThe Mayor is a proud Dollar alumnus and is delighted to have him announce Knauss Day,” Dollar President James T. Harris III said after the event.

Dollar Celebrates 'Knaus School of Business' in San Diego

The evening ceremony featured several presentations, an impressive laser light show projected on the facade of the building, and a tour of the new facility, which serves as the new home of the Knauss Business School. Opening ceremony Aug. 4. In attendance were dollar trustees, administrators, donors, community partners, representatives from the Mayor’s Office, and of course Don and Ellie Knauss.

Don Knauss, chairman of the University of San Diego Board of Regents and former Clorox CEO, and his wife Ellie donated $50 million to not only fund the construction of the new 120,000-square-foot facility, but also to name the Knauss School of Business.

“Don and Ellie, we are honored to have the Knauss name in this beautiful new building as well as in our business school,” Harris said in his speech. “We appreciate your generosity and, more importantly, your dedication to education Commitment and belief in the power of life and society.”

“Tonight was the culmination of Don and my core belief that education is the great equalizer,” said Aleknaus.

β€” Dollar News Center

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