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By the end of the month, little hands will be knocking on the door, the doorbell will be ringing, and it’s the ones who make the sound of begging for a treat.

Halloween comes early for Prairie Business – just, we’re not begging for candy, we’re asking for your story ideas. Don’t worry, there’s nothing scary here.

Prairie Business loves to follow industry trends, but since we cover so many different industries across three states, we clearly missed something.

This is where readers can help.

Business leaders are experts in their companies and their industries. Our question is: what happened? Which trends have you noticed? Is there something on the horizon?

Prairie Business, as it has done for the past two decades, covers interesting business topics in the Dakotas and western Minnesota. It also shares columns from business leaders and advertises the company through its many partners.

But – and I’m the first to admit it – there’s always room for improvement. What would you like to see in Prairie Business?

As mentioned, we always want to focus on trending stories as much as possible, but other business news is also important. So, how about your mission in your story ideas and news tips? You can send them to aweeks@prairiebusinessmagazine.com

As a reminder, companies can also submit their new hires, employee achievements and promotions, and other company news. The magazine’s Prairie People is published every Friday on prairiebusinessmagazine.com, highlighting new hires and promotions, and is included in print and digital as space permits.

Also on the site, readers can sign up for a free monthly e-version. You can do this by checking the Prairie Business box at this link: https://www.grandforksherald.com/newsletter

See, that’s not that hard. Nothing scary here.

You also won’t find any Halloween scares on the following pages. As is customary, this month’s questions are all about business.

We hope you like it!

Andrew Weeks

Andrew Weeks

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