Element Drives Industry Innovation with New Avidity Cloudbreak™ Technology and 2 x 300 Kit

Faster runtimes and more applications 2023

san diego, December July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Element Biosciences, Inc. — developer of an innovative DNA sequencing platform disrupting the genomics industry — today announced Avidity Cloudbreak technology, improving chemistry kits on current Element AVITI™ systems, reducing run times and achieving more application.

Avidity Cloudbreak will launch in early 2023 and include the following innovations:

  • Reduce run times to less than 40 hours for 300-cycle kits and 24 hours for 150-cycle kits, including amplification time and on-board multiplexing.
  • Enable linear library loading for Elevate™ libraries with onboard cycling, simplifying workflow and reducing hands-on time.
  • In addition to the standard configuration, AVITI systems with Cloudbreak can be configured to achieve 1B+ reads (two-sided) in 20 hours for indexing 2×75 runs, or less than 30 hours for indexing 2×150 runs.
  • Of course, Avidity Cloudbreak will maintain the core competitive advantages of the AVITI system, including market-leading data quality and multiple read lengths, with stable reagent costs below $6 per gigabase.

Less than a year after launching the AVITI system, Element continues to rapidly advance its technology and expand its product offering. Avidity Cloudbreak will further enable Element to release 2 x 300 sequencing kits, earmarked for 2023.Yield is 1.6B With 2 x 300 reads (double-sided), Cloudbreak will set a new benchmark for cost-effective sequencing with extended reads, advancing applications such as start from scratch Assembly of small genomes, immune repertoire sequencing, and isotype discovery.

“The development of the Cloudbreak chemistry demonstrates Element’s continued commitment to advancing our technology. In less than a year since AVITI’s launch, this chemistry will reduce run times by nearly 20% and streamline customer workflows while delivering exceptional data quality and throughput amount of bench space. Element continues to set new standards in short-read sequencing, while Cloudbreak chemistry will pave the way for a more versatile 2×300 configuration later in 2023,” Matthew KellingerVice President and Co-Founder of Element Biochemistry.

“We are excited to see the new capabilities of AVITI’s technology. Our company is investigating novel liquid biopsy biomarkers for key disease areas with unmet diagnostic needs, and the faster time and greater accuracy will have a significant impact on our research.” effect,” said Dr. Chris Booth, CEO of FYR Diagnostics. “Element is redefining what a benchtop sequencer can do.”

“Our team at Element is moving genomics forward with a mission to make the highest quality genomics available at the lowest cost to laboratories everywhere,” he said. molly hey, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of Element Biosciences. “We continue to advance our technology at lightning speed to enable health innovation because science cannot wait.”

About the Element AVITI System
The AVITI system runs two random access flow cells for independent run initiation, and the AVITI operating software has adjustable read throughput for additional flexibility. Proprietary Avidity Sequencing™ chemistry enables superior accuracy and cost-effectiveness unmatched by other benchtop systems.To learn more about the AVITI system, including detailed specifications, application data and performance recommendations, visit www.elementbiosciences.com.

About Element Biosciences, Inc.
Element Biosciences is a multidisciplinary life sciences company focused on developing disruptive DNA sequencing technologies for the research and diagnostics markets. By innovating fundamental elements of sequencing systems, Element provides customers with affordable, high-quality data and an improved user experience, thereby accelerating scientific discovery and expanding the application of genomic medicine. To learn more about Element, visit www.elementbiosciences.com.

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