Emerson launches Ovation Green, a purpose-built renewable energy technology and software portfolio

Pittsburgh–(Business Wire) — Emerson (NYSE: EMR ) has combined its comprehensive power expertise and renewable energy capabilities into the Ovation™ Green portfolio to help power generation companies meet customers’ transition to green energy production and storage. in demand. By combining recently acquired Mita-Teknik software and technology with its industry-leading Ovation automation platform, deep renewable energy knowledge base, cybersecurity solutions and remote management capabilities, Emerson creates a new extension to its power-based control architecture . The resulting portfolio focuses on emerging clean energy markets to deliver simplified renewable energy automation, helping power producers build and scale sustainable operations.

In recent years, renewable energy generation growth has reached record highs. However, transitioning to a cleaner energy system or expanding an existing system is a complex task for power producers. Wind turbines, solar arrays, lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen electrolyzers, and hydroelectric power all use a wide variety of automation software and technologies. As the renewable energy mix grows, the number of applied technologies will multiply, increasing the learning curve and increasing operational complexity as solutions from different suppliers require additional integration. While some existing systems can provide a connectivity layer between very specific assets, the Ovation Green portfolio will provide a suite of purpose-built software and solutions to support different technologies within a standardized, intuitive system.

“Countries around the world are working to transition to a clean energy economy in the coming decades, and while green energy is a simple concept that everyone understands, the path to implementation isn’t always easy,” said Bob Yeager, president, Emerson Power and Water. Clear.” Solution. “With the Ovation Green portfolio, our software, support and solutions are unified in one system, delivered by one trusted supplier, to help generators manage their renewable electricity operations faster, easier and more reliably. ”

Complete access to real-time and historical operational information enables owners and operators to better understand and control all renewable assets across the enterprise. Through an integrated portfolio of data-driven asset control and management solutions, Ovation Green technology provides secure, standardized data access across single or multiple sites, regardless of equipment manufacturer or system type.

By collecting, organizing and correlating the vast amounts of data created by renewable energy generation and storage assets, Emerson’s Ovation Green portfolio provides a clear view of renewable energy operations in a seamless space. The portfolio will support actionable intelligence from a unified platform to drive faster, more informed decisions that increase availability and yield while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Emerson’s Ovation Green portfolio will be on display at the Intersolar and Energy Storage North America Conference, February 14-16 in Long Beach, California.

To learn more about Ovation Green technology, visit Emerson.com/Ovation-Green.

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