Emirates Health Services uses metaverse technology to deliver healthcare services

Environmental Health and Safety

Emirates Health Services (EHS) has launched a Metaverse-based virtual telemedicine solution using 3D virtual reality technology.

Through this project, EHS aims to provide virtual medical consultation services supported by advanced technology.

The technology enables members of society to access electronic services through smart devices.

Through the new virtual channel, patients will have easy access to psychiatric counseling services, a family health promotion clinic and a customer happiness center, according to the state news agency, Wan.

EHS Director General Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al-Serkal said that it is the first global organization to apply Metaverse technology to provide advanced services and promote sustainable and healthy development goals by adopting best practices utilizing artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain technologies. healthcare provider.

The new initiative aims to facilitate telemedicine practices in virtual clinics and deliver consultations and medications through robotic pharmacies.

In addition to providing a customer happiness center and family-centered health promotion services, the project will also provide psychological counseling services for people of different ages.

The metaverse provides a 3D interactive space that allows customers to interact with healthcare professionals over a secure link using devices equipped with cameras, microphones and speakers. This way, patients don’t need to buy devices like headsets or controllers. Doctors assess conditions, discuss treatment options, and provide therapy and other clinical services.

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