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The Faculty of Science, Technology and Mathematics prepares students to contribute to disciplines and industries that affect our everyday lives.

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School Spotlight: Going Green

Elmhurst is leading a regional effort to help more students find a home in STEM fields.

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A female college student and her female professor squat among plants on a green roof atop the Frick Student Center at Elmhurst University.

Dean’s speech
Our students and staff excel,
Inside and outside the classroom

Brian Wilheit

The Elmhurst School of Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) has more than 800 undergraduate and graduate students in six departments: Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science and Information Systems, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology study. Graduates of the Faculty choose a variety of pathways after graduation, from careers in the health sciences (such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) to graduate school to careers in industry.

The school also has more than 40 outstanding full-time teachers who, like their students, excel in and out of the classroom.

The school has 13 recipients of the prestigious President’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Faculty frequently publish in nationally recognized journals, including Science and Nature. STM faculty also played a leadership role in securing the University’s five major external grants, most of which include funding to create more research and learning opportunities for students.

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Brian WilheitDean of Science Technology and Mathematics

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