Fantasy Football Rankings Week 14: Sleepers, starts, sits | D’Onta Foreman, Chigoziem Okonkwo, Sausage Christmas Songs and more

Not only is the fantasy football playoffs fast approaching, but Christmas is also fast approaching. So in addition to our typical week 14 rankings, sleepers and start/sit advice, we have Christmas songs. In case you missed it over the past few years, I’ve made the top 10 best Christmas songs, best Christmas cookies, best Christmas TV episodes and best Christmas movies, all of which you can find here (#CheckTheLink). Well, this year, let’s be naughty. Not like that, go ahead and sing the 20 worst Christmas songs of all time, whether they’re naughty or nice!

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2022 Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleeper

🚨Attention🚨 These are sleepers. They won’t copy my rankings 100%. This is chasing gains, and often comes with more risk.


Likely starter: Jared Goff, DET – Gauff is coming off two good games that just so happen to be at home. Goff was better indoors, scoring 18 of his 19 touchdowns (nine games). The last time he faced the Vikings, Goff went 277-1-1 with 13.9 fantasy points, and that was a road game. In a good game, Goff deserves a risk at home and all of his receivers are healthy…although I feel like I’m making this gambling mistake again.

run back

Likely starter: D’Onta Foreman, CAR -Foreman sounded ready after getting dirty ahead of the Panthers’ bye and finished with 118, 118, 130 and 113 rushing yards and 15-plus carries in his four games , with good reason to be excited. Seahawks can’t stop the run — remember Josh Jacobs in Week 12? -Have Cam Akers come up with a 17-60-2 finish. Foreman isn’t just a possible starter, he’s a must-start in Week 14. Chuba Hubbard is a deep flight game if you need it.

Hail Mary begins: Raheem Mostert, MIA β€” Who knows what happened to Jeff Wilson and Mostert? Yes, the Dolphins fell behind quickly last week, but that doesn’t exactly excuse Wilson from the game. Still, we have two reasons — but more importantly Most — to play this week. The Chargers are also extremely vulnerable to running backs, but their offense is strong enough to keep pace with the Dolphins and even surprise early leads. If week 13 is any indication, it will mean more Mostert and a possible top 20 finish.

wide receiver

Likely starters: Zay Jones, JAX — Jones had a fantasy output of 10.8 and 20.0 in the two weeks before the Lions’ disappointment. He still scored seven goals last week, and a matchup with the Titans could help Jones bounce back. This year, the Titans gave up the fourth-most receptions (170), the second-most yards (2,308) and the most touchdowns (17).

Likely starters: Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy, Denver β€” If Sutton is available, he can have a solid game, if not, Jeudy can step up to the top 30. The Chiefs rank in the top 10 in receptions and outside yards allowed, but the bigger draw is that they allow the second-most touchdowns, which helps receivers get a start even with mediocre yardage a week.

Hail Mary Begins: From Jefferson, LAR – The Raiders are playing for the Rams, and while there’s little to like about this team, Van Jefferson is a brilliantly desperate game. He has a 19-11-136-2 receiving line over the past four games. Well, yes, those yards are disgusting. However, it’s a touchdown hope (and prayers…and a letter to Santa…) that would give Jefferson 10 points and a top-30 finish.

Oh, and that GIF, a must-see for Violent Night!

  • fun and creative moves
  • harbor is great
  • some good feelings
  • surprise
  • very funny
  • inherit resonance
  • A true Christmas action movie, not like Die Hard…go check it out! 8.5/10

tight end

Long live Mary begins: Chigoziem Okonkwo, ten β€” Just a “bless you” joke, but Okonkwo is 10-7-103 in his last two fights, and hey, that’s good enough for TE16 (#BanTEOnlySpots). Even allowing only four touchdowns this year, the Jaguars allowed the 13th-most FPPG to tight end, and their APA was eighth in Week 14.

Fun rankings!
worst christmas song

As mentioned in the intro (but just in case you skipped all of them)…in case you missed the past few years…I made the best Christmas songs, the best Christmas cookies, the best Christmas TV series and the best Christmas movies, all of which you can find here (#CheckTheLink). This year — continuing the awful edition that started with Thanksgiving — here are the worst Christmas songs ever, ranked!

  1. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth β€”Is that Dolly from South Park? The melodies are almost as unbearable as the voices and whistling teeth.
  2. i want a hippo for christmas β€” Annoying sounds, tunes and meaningless lyrics.
  3. do they know today is christmas – You know why.
  4. Here We Go A – Baptism β€” somehow making 1 minute and 12 seconds feel like hours.
  5. dominic donkey β€” If you like this, we can’t be friends…and I have Italians in my family, so don’t come.
  6. Christmas shoes β€” This is what I want…a depressing Christmas song sung by a procrastinating guy.
  7. do you know mary β€” feels like a church hymn. Plus, we never hear from Mary.
  8. Grandma gets run over by a reindeer β€”Prove Santa Claus is real by celebrating grandma being trampled by animals? acid.
  9. What kind of child is this? β€” What Christmas song is this? It feels like a snooze-fest or a would-be wizard ballad.
  10. it’s cold outside baby β€” more about tricking someone into a sleepover than anything to do with Christmas.
  11. santa baby – weird sexy Christmas songs that also make women sound like gold diggers? The 50s were weird.
  12. merry christmas the war is over β€” So, it’s not Christmas. hush. The last of the kids can fill a haunted hallway vibe.
  13. that’s my christmas β€” I don’t hate a cappella music, but this one was weird, not even Christmassy.
  14. chipmunk song β€” Maybe the Christmas season is a good one. Maybe. Any more would be a headache.
  15. Felice Navidad β€” more annoying than a child repeatedly saying “hey look, hey look, hey, hey, hey, hey, look!”
  16. little drummer boy β€” Not sure which is more annoying…the infinite version of the song or “par-rum, pum-pum-pum”.
  17. angel we hear on high – Glorrrrrrooorrroorrrria. what. Why do we care about Ex Chelsea’s Day-o?
  18. first christmas β€” Long, slow, not hatred Hate it, but like Chipmunks, after one listen, I’m good for a month.
  19. Hear the Herald Angels Sing β€” This is really upsetting.I do not hatred classics (Christmas carols are my all-time favorite), and rake may make I Listed because I sang this song every year, endlessly, and played it at school and as a kid… Plus, I watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas about twice a year.
  20. have a wonderful christmas β€” Thanks again, Ryan George, for pointing out the hilarious absurdity.

    and don’t forget winter wonderland and frozen snowmanalthough these are interesting.

Feel free to make a list of your favorite songs or favorites…give me all the holly, happy fun!

Sidebar for Desmond Ridder news:

With Ridder taking over Atlanta, he has fantasy football potential similar to Tyler Huntley, but with a higher ceiling. If you don’t need Huntley, I’d go with Ridder, since Lamar Jackson should be back. Here’s what I said to Ridder before the NFL draft.

+ Good play and reading eye; good upfield and perimeter passing; great upside, strong pocket presence
– Poor speed/slower mechanics resulting in giving defenders time and batting passes; missing zips for small windows; questionable placement – could lead to interceptions
= Ridder has enough rushing potential to push him into high-end QB2 territory with lower ceiling passing potential (more in the 4K, 20 TD range) similar to Russell Wilson when he runs more.

Week 14 Fantasy Football Predictions

🚨 Be careful 🚨 These may differ from my rankings and my ranks is the order in which I start the players Outside of additional context, e.g. “Need for maximum benefit, even at risk”.Additionally, based on 4 TD with QB, 6 breaks and half PPR

Projection download link

***these are no Updated on Sunday morning for reference only ***

Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings

🚨 Be careful 🚨

  • We may have found a solution to the ranking widget problem by using Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards). All three scores work and can be edited by me (unlike before), and the widget will allow you to scroll on Android (browser) without using two fingers! yeah!
  • There are regular updates, so keep checking back for lineup locks.

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