FINA allows wearable technology in competitions starting January 1, 2023

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Proposed changes to Rule SW 10.8 were passed at last week’s FINA Technical Conference. If or Jan. January 1, 2023:

“Technology and automated data collection devices are permitted for the sole purpose of collecting data. Automated devices must not be used to transmit data, sounds or signals to swimmers or to help them improve their speed.”

That means wearable technology that collects data for research, education and entertainment is legal. However, this data cannot be used in real time — in swimming competitions — to help swimmers improve their speed.

The impact of FINA rule changes will affect the sport for a generation. I think we’ll all look back at this moment in history as a pivotal turning point.

Tech company and behemoth TritonWear is one of the few companies that has made the most of FINA’s new ruling. Today we asked TritonWear CEO Tristan Lehari to help us fully understand what this FINA rule change means for our sport.

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