Flogistix’s Methane Detection Technology Receives New Mexico State Approval; Emissions Solutions Demonstrated at NAPE Summit

Oklahoma City, January 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Flogistix’s Methane Sniffing Technology Receives FDA Approval new mexico As part of the Advanced Leak and Repair Monitoring (ALARM) technology program.United Nations November 22The state’s Department of Energy, Mines and Natural Resources (EMNRD) has approved Flogistix’s Sniffer 4Dv2 technology for use by oil and gas operators to detect methane leaks.

Flogistix (PRNewsfoto/Flogistix)

Flogistix (PRNewsfoto/Flogistix)

Flogistix’s methane sniffing technology has been approved by NM as part of the ALARM methane detection technology program.

Sniffer System Technology Approved as Part of New Applied Rules for EMNRD’s Petroleum Conservation Division, Dec. May 25, 2021. Rules are in place to reduce methane emissions new mexico And includes the ALARM technology program, which gives operators the opportunity to earn credits to offset a portion of their total gas volume lost each year. Operators are required to reduce fugitive emissions with a target of 98% gas capture by 2026.

The sniffer detection method used by Flogistix employs a system carried by a DJI Matrice 300 drone that detects methane, H2S, VOCs, and hydrocarbons. Flogistix is ​​the only company using this aerospace solution in the leak detection process, among other technologies currently approved in the program. The sniffer captures geo-referenced and time-stamped gas and particle concentrations and can detect nine gas and particle concentrations at once. The technology runs autonomously using battery power and a cellular connection to collect and share data.

“Flogistix is ​​excited about the new mexico Our technology has been approved for use in the ALARM program,” said Flogistix CEO Mies Tarleton“Our technology enables operators to efficiently and effectively detect leaks, meet emission standards, and minimize environmental impact.”

Check out our inspection and drone technologies February 1-3 At the 30th Anniversary NAPE Summit Week houston. The booth number of Flogistix is ​​3119.

About Flogistix

In addition to being an industry leader in vapor recovery, Flogistix provides innovative solutions to oil and gas companies looking to reduce methane emissions to meet regulatory requirements and reduce environmental impact. Our AirMethane program leverages advanced technology and expert personnel to detect and fix methane leaks, helping companies in the oil and gas industry comply with regulatory requirements and minimize their carbon footprint, while protecting our planet. For more information, please visit www.floristix.com.

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