Florida’s first home built with 3D printer technology is located in Tallahassee

Florida’s first home built with 3D printing technology is now located near Griffin Heights in Tallahassee. On October 14th, the ribbon was cut for this unique residence.

The exterior and interior walls of the just over 1,400-square-foot structure were constructed from layers of concrete, laid by computer-controlled extrusion heads mounted on large gantry frames. It is a very durable structure, explains Kyndra Light, co-owner of Precision Building and Renovating.

“Now you’re looking at 13 inches of solid steel and concrete. It’s a bunker!” She laughed.

It’s also 20 percent cheaper than traditional construction methods, she added. That has City Commissioner Curtis Richardson considering more affordable housing in struggling neighborhoods. Like Griffin Heights.

“It’s another tool in the toolbox, and we’re so grateful that they brought it to Tallahassee, and especially this community, which is a traditionally African-American community, desperately needs this infusion of new housing stock. ”

Full frontal view of the house.

Ryder Rawls


WFSU Public Media

Full frontal view of the house.

On the drawing board is a mini-community of possibly 20 3D-printed houses to further reduce construction costs through economies of scale.

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