Food truck stolen from Bellevue Cheesesteak

Nashville, Tennessee. (WKRN) — Last year, the Bellevue Philly Cheesesteak was stolen. Now, it’s been hit again, but this time, the entire food truck has been taken.

October, Saturday morning. On January 22, the manager of It’za a Philly Thing showed up to find their trailer was missing and the parking lot was littered with skid marks.

They told News 2 they were shocked to see their business targeted not only once, but twice.

“I came in at around 10, came in, the back door was wide open, and I could already see that the cash box had been ripped off. I came in, and I went in from the back, and I could also see the cash box, which was full of Coke. Then, I noticed The next thing that arrived was that our iPad was removed from the front,” said Desmond Tanner, manager of It’z a Philly Thing.

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They also found that their cameras were disabled, making it difficult to pinpoint who was responsible, according to Tanner.

“We have a camera in the back, but it’s dark in the back, so whoever it is, they know if they come in, they can cut the wires in the back, and then we can’t see anything,” Tanner said.

Saturday’s incident marked the second time in 15 months that the business has been targeted. The business was also disrupted last July.

“It’s years of work, thousands of dollars, countless endless nights, and it’s been stolen, only to be taken within hours, and it’s a pain,” Tanner said.

Tanner estimated the trailer to be worth more than $50,000. Additionally, the company is now missing multiple iPads and about $150 in cash drawers.

He sent a message to those in charge: “I hope you really need it at the end of the day, I hope you need it, I hope it’s worth it. That’s it, I hope it’s worth it.”

Anyone who sees an It’z a Philly Thing food truck is asked to contact Metro Police or contact the business directly at 267-324-2728.

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