G42 and Benya Technologies partner to deliver critical technology infrastructure solutions in Egypt

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: – G42, a leading UAE-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology company, today announced an equity-based strategic partnership with Benya Technologies, a leading provider of digital and ICT infrastructure in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa region , to provide Egypt’s artificial intelligence and critical telecommunications infrastructure.

Benya Technologies is a key enabler of digital transformation and infrastructure in the Egyptian market, bringing good experience in systems integration and data centers. Through this partnership, G42 aims to provide the capital and technology needed to further develop Egypt’s digital sector, providing artificial intelligence and critical digital infrastructure such as data centers, telecom towers and cloud technology. G42’s investment in Benya Technologies demonstrates the company’s commitment to Egypt as a strategic market for growth and an entry point into the wider MEA region.

G42 Group COO Mansoor Al Mansoori and Benya Technologies Chairman, Founder and CEO Ahmed Mekky signed the partnership at the G42 booth during GITEX Global in Dubai. As part of the agreement, G42 will take a seat on Benya’s board of directors.

Mansoor Al Mansoori, Group Chief Operating Officer, G42 said: “As a board member and strategic investor, G42 will partner with Benya Technologies to unlock the next era of digital growth in Egypt and North Africa. G42 and Benya Technologies have been working tirelessly in our The respective home markets offer digital transformation solutions and AI infrastructure, so the synergy and excitement of working towards our shared goals is only natural. We look forward to working with Benya Technologies to strengthen the technology sector across the country and beyond. “

Ahmed Mekky, Chairman and CEO of Benya Technologies, said that “G42″‘s investment in “Benya Technologies” is a confirmation and support of the group’s achievements and successful projects in the public and private sectors such as banking and telecommunications.

Mekky added, ‚ÄúThis once again proves that the presence of ‘G42′ as a group partner will bring a high competitive advantage as they are key players and leaders in artificial intelligence and cloud computing in the UAE. Mekky concluded that the collaboration Will serve Benya Technologies’ expansion plans in Egypt and the Middle East, focusing on modern and advanced technologies.

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About G42

G42 is a global leader in creating visionary artificial intelligence for a better tomorrow. Born in Abu Dhabi and with operations around the world, G42 sees AI as a powerful force for good. Its people are constantly reimagining what technology can do, applying advanced thinking and innovation to accelerate progress and solve society’s most pressing problems.

The G42 is driving change in the region and beyond, working with countries, companies and individuals to create the infrastructure for tomorrow’s world. From molecular medicine to space travel and everything in between, G42 enables exponential possibilities today.

For more information, please visit www.g42.ai

About Benya Technology

Benya Technologies has built a solid reputation as a major enabler of digital transformation by providing the complete ICT value chain through its existing service offerings and strong development plans.

Benya Technologies offers a wide range of products, services and digital solutions through its subsidiaries operating in multiple ICT sectors, including telecommunication services, cloud and security solutions, hyperscale data centers, manufacturing technology-based solutions and systems integration.

Benya Technologies is the first Egyptian company to collaborate on the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite concept in the Middle East and Africa, in particular with the OneWeb Network.

Benya Technologies is positioned and recognized as the partner of choice for public and private sector clients who remain committed to digitally transforming countries and organizations, ultimately improving the lives of the people they serve. Benya Technology is committed to establishing a digital, unified and intelligent MEA Region.

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