gen dimri: Technology changing the dynamics of modern warfare: Lt Gen Dimri

Lieutenant General Yogendra Dimri, Commander-in-Chief of Army Central Command, on Saturday admonished graduates of the Indian Military Academy to keep up with technological advancements to be able to deal with the changing dynamics of warfare in modern society. He said the dynamics of combat and modern warfare are changing rapidly with the advent of new technologies such as nanotechnology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and require cadets to be prepared to meet contemporary challenges.

“The military life you will all experience requires selfless dedication and sacrifice,” he said.

After a colorful graduation parade at the academy’s historic training square, Lieutenant General Dimri addressed the cadets, congratulating them on successfully completing their pre-commissioning training at the prestigious academy and asking them to serve their respective countries with enthusiasm and pride Serve.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve your country with passion, pride and perseverance. I congratulate you on the success of your training. I appeal to each of you to understand the high expectations that are expected of you. I also urge you to be always ready for the Your responsibility,” he said. A total of 344 gentlemen trainees – 314 Indians and 30 foreign trainees from 11 friendly countries – left the IMA after completing its autumn training sessions on Saturday.

Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of 51 trainees, followed by Haryana with 30, Uttarakhand with 29, Bihar with 24, Maharashtra and Punjab with 21 each, and Himachal Pradesh with 21. 17 from Pradesh, 16 from Rajasthan, 15 from Madhya Pradesh, 10 from Delhi and 13 from Kerala.

Reps from other states are in the single digits. Considering Uttarakhand is a small state, the representation is highest here.

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