Golisano Children’s Hospital Adopts New Technology to Enhance Procedural Communication

BRIGHTON, NY (WROC) — Golisano Children’s Hospital has introduced new technology to enhance daily procedural communication.

Back in November, Elemeno Health brought its digital platform to Golisano, with the goal of putting more effective communication between nurses and doctors in their hands.

“There’s a huge amount of confusion in the hands-on practice at the patient’s bedside. That’s what we’re trying to solve,” says Dr. Arup Roy-Burman, founder and CEO of Elemeno Health.

Dr. Roy-Burman is the former director of the ICU at UCSF Children’s Hospital.

Years ago, Dr. Roy-Burman lost his sister to medical error in the operating room. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is growing in the medical field, he said.

Dr. Marjorie Arca’s surgical team at Golisano Children’s Hospital has put this technology to work.

Elemeno Health was ultimately designed as an encyclopedia of vital medical information to simplify communication in the operating room and beyond.

“About 30 to 40 percent of surgeries in children are emergency surgeries. So, it’s a really good resource for them to understand what we have and how we do it, so they know. It makes You are able to care for your children more effectively,” says Dr. Akka, Chief Surgeon.

Dr. Arca said the software has been instrumental in helping her staff prepare for pediatric surgeries and procedures.

Instant Feedback is being used nationwide, with New York implementing it for the first time in the greater Rochester area.

Dr. Arca added that some staff who came to Golisano from other hospitals had used the tool before.

Since it is now being used in New York for the first time, leaders hope it will be used in other healthcare facilities across the state.

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