Guardians-Rays scoreless marathon continues, Mariners beat Blue Jays in wild card game 2

The 2022 MLB season is entering a brave new world, a 12-team playoff stage that will decide a championship next month. The explosion of high-stakes baseball pits eight teams against each other — the Guarders-Rays, Cardinals-Phillies, Blue Jays-Mariners, Mets-Padres — for the cut. And it gets really fast. The new best-of-three wild-card series begins Friday with the Padres humbling Max Scherzer and the Phillies turning things around in St. Petersburg. louis.

The top seeds they’ll face in the next round are familiar — the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. But it is certain that some of these challengers want to overturn baseball’s existing world order.

First, they have to get through the weekend. Saturday will see three home teams, with the higher-seeded teams facing the knockout rounds.

Game 2: Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Guardians – 12:07 p.m., ESPN2 (Guardians lead, 1-0)

Game 2: Seattle Mariners vs. Toronto Blue Jays – 4:07 p.m., ESPN (Marines lead, 1-0)

Game 2: San Diego Padres at New York Mets – 7:37 p.m. ESPN (Padres lead, 1-0)

Game 2: Philadelphia Phillies at St. St. Louis Cardinals – 8:37 p.m., ESPN2 (Phillies lead, 1-0)

[Here’s the full TV schedule for the MLB postseason]

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