Hoff School of Business Hosts Eighth Annual Mock Interview Day

In mid-November, Corbain University hosted its eighth annual Mock Interview Day, where business professionals and leaders from the community volunteered to conduct extensive mock interviews for more than 80 Corbain students from Hove Business School. This is a unique opportunity for Corban students to practice interview skills in a real-world setting while receiving constructive criticism to assist them in their future career search.

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For many students, like freshman business major Lila Wood, the process is fraught with tension. “I’ve had job interviews before, and they were 20 minutes at most,” she said. “This one is a full 45 minutes, so it’s the real deal. I’m excited to interact with real professionals and see how I handle high stakes.”

This year, the event was in its eighth year, and many interviewers saw their experiences rewind to the same mock interviews they had gone through when they were students at Corban. “I love interacting with students because I’m one of them,” says Amy Jordan, tax manager at local firm Doty, Pruett, Wilson. “I remember what it was like. I often wish I had the confidence I had back in college, so being able to give back and interview these students puts them in a position where you want to help them improve.”

Interviewer Rachel Poot, who interviewed only last year herself, could immediately recognize this year’s respondents. Now an account executive for Skyline Video Productions, she attributes much of her recent professional success to events like Corban’s mock interview days. “It’s definitely a huge transition from interviewer to interviewer,” she said, “but seeing these students learn in the process and really develop their skills and get better at the interview so they can actually get them It’s cool to want a job.”

After each mock interview, students have a dedicated time to gather feedback from industry professionals and ask career-related questions. These experiences are often shaping the future. “It was more challenging than I thought it would be, which is great because it means I learned something,” said Christopher Nobles, a senior business major. “I’m happy to take my notes from here and get better. One of the interviewers encouraged me to be very authentic in the interview and be specific about who I am, avoiding clichés and being passionate about being myself. ”

After completing her own interview, freshman Leila Wood was surprised to find her nerves calmed down, and her feedback was encouraging. “My interviewers said I came across as confident, which is not how I went into it,” she says. “Now I know that if I can just take a deep breath and almost convince myself that I’m confident and realize that I’m capable of acting confident, now I feel like I can do it and hold on to future job interviews.”

Over the years, as the event has grown, it has become a favorite with Corbain students and local business professionals alike. “This event is very special to me, it seems to grow every year and I love it,” said local professional David Martinmaas. “I look forward to this every year. I look forward to coming back to Corbain University because it feels like home. I am impressed by the maturity of the students who come here and how seriously they take this. ”

Following the interviews, future professionals converged with current business leaders for lunch at the Psalm Center. With the eighth iteration of events in the book, interviewer and speaker, Jonathan Booth summarizes the enduring emotions exchanged in the room, each with its own unique career advice. “It’s a pleasure to be here,” he said. “I can’t tell you how much Corban paid us. No money changed hands, but I can honestly tell you that all of us who interviewed left richer. Students may feel like they only attended once Mock interviews, but honestly, I’ve seen more. We’re taking the baton and all we’re doing is trying to prepare you guys to be the light of the world.”

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