Hot Yoga Waikiki is using new technology to enhance yoga sessions

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A local hot yoga studio is using new technology to give participants a new and unique experience.

It might look like an ordinary yoga class, but it’s anything but. Hot Yoga Waikiki has implemented a new in-person hybrid system to hold physical education classes led by instructors from around the world.

Allows participants to receive instruction from some of the best yogis around.

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken the best resources in the world and brought them remotely to our studios so they can be seen visually through the high-tech camera systems we have set up in the rooms and in each studio. See our studio gentlemen,” Hot Yoga Waikiki CEO Catherine Macomber told Hawaii News Now. “They can also hear the lecturer through the sound system we installed in the room.”

This goes beyond just regular zooming, giving the instructor multiple angles of the room as well as the ability to zoom the image in order to provide real-time instruction to individuals as if they were actually in the room.

A byproduct of the pandemic, when everything was virtual, using the technology and growing.

As the new year begins, instructors and clients alike say hot yoga is one of the best ways to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

“It’s absolutely important and necessary to be able to say, hey, I know I can go out there, I can stand there and know I’m burning calories and benefiting from the energy of the room,” Macomber said.

“Pull the trigger, get down and do it. It’s the bottom line, because if you don’t, you never will.”

Jesus Guillen, who started the class about a year ago, said he has seen first-hand the effects of yoga, from weight loss to better mobility.

“The benefits are incredible,” Gillen said. “I have a lot of energy because of it, you know, it’s a great place, a lot of positive energy.”

These classes are not just for experienced yogis, everyone is invited to come and try them.

For more information on how to register for courses, click here.

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