HSHS and Eon Expand Serendipitous Discovery Services to Save More Lives

denver, January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Illinois-based on Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) and denver-based on aeona leading health technology company, announced the expansion of their partnership to track and treat patients whose abnormalities are incidentally found on imaging.

After a successful trial at its largest location, HSHS St John’s Hospital exist Springfield, ILThe system is adding Eon’s care management Serving 14 more hospitals Illinois and the state of Wisconsin.

Eon Care Management is a technology-enabled virtual navigation service powered by Eon’s team of physician and patient navigators. They supplement internal hospital resources to ensure appropriate follow-up and diagnostic procedures are scheduled for patients with incidental pulmonary nodules. This expansion follows the adoption of Eon’s comprehensive incidental findings platform by HSHS, Eon patient management (EPM), at all of its locations. EPM identifies patients with underlying cancer or other significant medical risks to prevent catastrophic disease outcomes. The overall five-year survival rate for lung cancer is 20.2%, but can rise to 59% if the cancer is detected early.

“We are taking this important step because the Eon has demonstrated that it can identify cancer, sometimes before patients may develop symptoms, and improve follow-up appointment setting for these patients,” said Dr. Vincent Zatar, a St. John’s Hospital radiologist. “Through this program, we aim to achieve greater than 90% follow-up appointment compliance within five years. The end result is saving lives through early detection and treatment.”

“EPM provides highly sensitive and specific incidental discovery capture data, as well as the opportunity to improve patient care with timely follow-up next steps. Adding care management to EPM has a good track record of ensuring patients who need follow-up are getting the care they need,” added Dr. road. scott skiboChief Medical Officer of Eon.

For more information: Christine SpeakerCo-CEO, Eon, [email protected]303-870-4042

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aeon is a health data science company that leverages computational linguistics and technology-enabled virtual navigation services to track serendipitous and actionable findings across a variety of medical disciplines along the patient health journey. Eon exists to ensure that the right data reaches the right people at the right time, resulting in healthier patients and affordable healthcare.

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