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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Post For Rent offers a powerful suite of agency software designed to help influencers, brands, talent and digital agencies easily manage campaigns. Now, they’re getting into cutting-edge technology by integrating OpenAI’s GPT-3 model into their software platform. Additionally, they have ChatGPT write the code for their API integration and make announcements on their social networking sites. With the integration provided by Post For Rent, marketing executives can leverage AI-powered analytics in their campaigns and minimize time spent on operations. “I haven’t been this excited about a software update in (a long) long time. Since our inception in 2016, our software development team has used and worked with the best AI/ML cognitive service providers. Since and through GPT-3 The possibilities we discovered are indescribable.By leveraging the technology solutions provided by GTP-3, agencies can not only enhance multiple core workflows, but also provide customers with a better overall experience, which will surely Improve global customer satisfaction. I would say GPT models will not replace you. Companies using GPT models will replace you. We will definitely continue to implement more and more new features built on top of GPT models.” Founder and CEO of Post For Rent CEO Gergo Csiszar said.

Rental GPT-3 Integration

Rental GPT-3 Integration

What is ChatGPT, the GPT-3 model aka “Text-Davinci-003” that Post For Rent is rolling out for its clients? ChatGPT stands for Conversational Graph Parsing Transformer. It is an advanced artificial intelligence language model created by GPT-3 OpenAI. This language model was developed specifically for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications to help people understand how AI technology works and be able to use it more effectively in their daily work. Post For Rent recently launched its GPT-3 model ensemble, which is slightly more advanced than ChatGPT. The company integrated the “Text-Davinci-003” model, OpenAI’s most powerful GPT-3 model, for its Magic AI feature. It can do anything that other models can, often with higher quality, longer output, and better instruction follow. Both ChatGPT and Text-Davinci-003 are large-scale language models developed by OpenAI, but they have different capabilities. Text-Davinci-003 is a more advanced version of the GPT model – known for its ability to generate human-like text – in terms of its ability to understand and generate text across a wide range of topics. In addition to writing code for API integrations and their LinkedIn posts, GPT-3 provides Post For Rent with many other services, including creating structured content from unstructured data, generating creative for campaigns, and predicting lead behavior based on past data , and more.

Rental GPT-3 Integration

Rental GPT-3 Integration

What does this mean for marketing executives? The integration of GPT-3 into Post For Rent’s NEXT software suite offers users a number of benefits. These include improved communication between customers and companies through automated chatbots; streamlined processes due to automation of tasks; increased accuracy of data analysis; faster decision-making; faster customer service response times; reduced operating costs due to automation; improved efficiency; improved user experience; better customer engagement; and more accurate targeting of advertising campaigns based on customer preferences.

This integration means a lot to marketing executives across the industry looking to stay ahead of the curve when using AI technologies in marketing campaigns, communications, and day-to-day operations. In addition to being able to better understand customer behavior predictions based on past data, they can use the AI ​​analytics provided by OpenAI to ensure each campaign is tailored to each target audience. Writing emails, conducting market research, developing market strategies, social media copy and event briefings can all be done in minutes, saving all executives and managers a lot of time and allowing them to focus on the most important parts of their work .

By integrating the most powerful GPT model into Post For Rent’s software solution, Post For Rent has distinguished itself from other influential tech companies as a leader in AI technology integration and pioneered the move towards a more efficient industry . By leveraging the technology solutions provided by GTP-3, agencies are not only able to enhance several core workflows, but also provide clients with a better overall experience, resulting in increased client satisfaction worldwide.

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