Israeli AI construction technology helps British hospital construction

A new building at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital is the first healthcare facility in the UK to be built using artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Israel’s Buildots to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Buildots’ technology automatically analyzes data captured in the field via a 360-degree camera on the helmet.

The platform then generates realistic progress reports backed by visuals, providing managers and stakeholders with accurate, objective data and analysis for greater efficiency.

Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s new 22,650sqm BEACH building (Natural, Emergency and Intensive Care, Child Health) was built by Integrated Health Projects to high sustainability standards and is part of the National Health Service (NHS) transformation of Dorset University Hospital Part of (Ultra HD) Hospital.

Israeli AI construction technology helps British hospital construction
Architectural rendering of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s new BEACH building, courtesy of University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Bruce Preston, IHP Program Director, said: “By adopting Buildots intelligence technology, we are able to use AI and 3D model vision to effectively track the progress of the build compared to design and schedule to help ensure we stay on track.”

Steve Killen, UHD’s transformation director, said the NHS uses public money, “and the Buildots technology is a great example of how we can use cutting-edge technology to help deliver the best value for money to ratepayers.”

The BEACH building is scheduled to open in early 2025.

Aviv Leibovici, Buildots chief product officer, said: “The new Royal Bournemouth Hospital complex is complex, with purpose-built facilities for maternity and children’s wards, as well as emergency and intensive care units.”

“We are proud that Buildots was able to complete this complex project in the most efficient manner.”

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