Judge rules DeSantis violated state law, but upholds suspension

He had no choice but to urge Mr. Mr. DeSantis reinstated Warren herself, who called the reasons he defended her “false” and his administration’s efforts to properly support them were insignificant.

“If the facts matter, the governor can simply lift the moratorium,” he wrote. “If he doesn’t, then it will become clearer that the so-called no-prosecution policy was not the real motivation for the suspension.”

gentlemen. DeSantis replaced Mr. Warren with Hillsborough County Judge Susan Lopez, the governor’s 2021 appointee.

During his trial last November, Judge Hinkle expressed his displeasure with Mr. Warren has been treated, how the DeSantis administration is doing. But at the same time, he questioned whether Mr. All had a reason. DeSantis was cited for his suspension rising to a violation of Mr. Warren’s First Amendment rights.

Warren’s attorney, David Andrew O’Neill, argued at trial that the governor’s staff should at least have asked prosecutors to clarify his position before deciding to suspend him.

Under Florida law, governors can be suspended for misconduct such as negligence, incompetence, malfeasance, drunkenness or committing a felony. Mr DeSantis, his lawyer, argued that the governor’s suspension of Mr was within his authority. Warren is serving a second term as the 13th Circuit State’s Attorney since Mr. Warren issued a “blanket” policy against the prosecution of petty crimes. gentlemen. Warren testified at the November trial. On the 29th, he said his policy was not to reject outright, but to allow prosecutors to decide for themselves which cases to pursue.

Judge Schinkel found Mr. Warren didn’t enforce a blanket policy: “Mr. Warren’s stated policy was to exercise prosecutorial discretion at every stage of every case, and every prosecutor in the office followed that policy in every case. Any Any reasonable investigation would confirm that.”

gentlemen. Warren also argued in the case that his suspension without pay was politically motivated. Prosecutors have publicly disputed Mr. DeSantis has been in the past, and signed an earlier pledge not to criminalize transgender and gender-affirming health care.

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