Kawakami: Warriors’ new Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins trades and what they mean for Draymond Green

The math is simple: Jordan Poole’s new four-year, $123 million deal with the Warriors is only $3 million more than Tyler Herro’s guaranteed value with the Miami Heat, but it’s enough to notice.

Basically, Herro-plus. Herro recently tentatively pegged the market at $30 million a year to recruit young, very talented, playoff-proven leading guards who aren’t the best player on the team but may be on their way… in a few weeks , Poole reset the market to $30.75 million per person. Both players have incentive clauses to weigh, but only counting the guaranteed portion, Poole is $3 million more than Herro in total. Not too complicated, right?

It’s very complicated actually when you put the Poole trade into the larger Warriors universe – everything around this contract has serious consequences for the Warriors, coming at this time in the dynasty because of other important contracts The decision is about to expire, just 10 days after Poole was beaten by Draymond Green.

Poole’s trade — first reported Saturday by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and terms first reported by The Athletic’s Anthony Slater — isn’t just a negotiated deal between Poole and his agent. huge victory.

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