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After only four months of selling cars for Davis Keene, he realized he didn’t want to work for anyone else. After all, the 2015 Liberty Christian School graduate holds degrees in finance and entrepreneurship from Baylor University.

His first business was selling ice cream cones from a truck as a freshman at Baylor. Later, he invested with some classmates for about two years. In early 2020, he became a partner in the residential garage flooring business, and after growing revenue from $2 million to $7 million, they sold out in early 2022, and he started looking for his next venture.

“In the flooring business, I learned that the demand for home services is never-ending. I wanted to stay in that business,” he said. “I talked to franchise brokers and wise mentors and fell in love with the garage door business. It seemed like this was always going to be a problem. I wanted to be the guy who helped people back home with those problems.”

After learning all there is to know about garage doors, he opened ProLift Garage Doors on October 12th. 12. Former free baseball player is happy to serve our district.

“There are a lot of contractors out there,” he said. “People are looking for someone they know they can trust, and we want to prove to my community that we are that company. We will provide the best customer service in the home service industry. Period.”

Start with something as simple as answering the phone, according to Keane.

“We’ll communicate clearly what we’re going to do, what the work involves, and be very responsive,” he said. “My phone number is on everything, and we have a full call center to answer your questions when I can’t.” when.”

He currently has a truck and a service specialist to drive it. His company serves all of Denton County and beyond. Learn more at

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