Live Counting: Track House Speaker Votes

On Thursday, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy made new concessions to a group of ultraconservative Republicans that kept him from winning the majority needed to win the House speakership.

After the tenth ballot, the House of Representatives has still not elected a speaker. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California lost by 17 votes.

A table showing the results of the most recent vote for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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all Democrats. House of Representatives
Avatar representing McCarthy


0 0 0
Avatar representing Jeffreys


0 0 0

Note: To win, a member must receive a majority of votes cast for someone, excluding “present” votes. The constitution says members of the House of Representatives choose a speaker, but the speaker doesn’t have to be a current or former representative.

gentlemen. If every member of Congress votes, McCarthy needs 218 votes, so he can only lose four Republican votes. Of the 20 Republicans who voted for other candidates in rounds seven through ten on Thursday, one voted “present.” gentlemen. McCarthy lost additional Republican votes in the ninth and 10th rounds as Colorado Rep. Ken Backer did not vote at all. All 212 Democrats voted for Minority Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York.

gentlemen. McCarthy could win the Speaker’s seat by fewer than 218 votes by persuading lawmakers who don’t want to support him to vote “present” or not vote at all.

A table showing the total number of votes for each round of voting for the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Voting round Avatar representing McCarthy
Avatar representing Jeffreys
other current
1 203 212 19 0
second place 203 212 19 0
third place 202 212 20 0
fourth place 201 212 20 1
5 days 201 212 20 1
number 6 201 212 20 1
7th 201 212 20 1
8th 201 212 20 1
No.9 200 212 20 1
10th 200 212 20 1

Note: To win, a member must receive a majority of votes cast for someone, excluding “present” votes.

In the first ballot on Tuesday, 19 House Republicans voted for Republicans other than Trump. McCarthy. On the second ballot, those same 19 voted against him but supported Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a founding member of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus. gentlemen. Jordan implored his colleagues to support Mr. McCarthy, but all 19, plus one Republican, voted for Mr Trump. Jordan is in the third round of voting.

The same 20 Republicans cast their votes for Florida Rep. Byron Donalds in the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds Wednesday, including one who voted “present.” The House of Representatives meets again at noon on Thursday to continue voting.

How each delegate votes

Members who voted differently from the party majority are highlighted.

List of votes for each representative in the Speaker’s round of the House of Representatives.

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