LONGi Hi-MO 6 modules combine photovoltaic technology with architectural aesthetics

Xi’an, China, November 11 November 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in mitigating climate change, solar photovoltaics will play an important role in the future global power generation mix.

With the upgrade of technology and products and the increase of application scenarios, distributed photovoltaics are showing great potential. According to industry analysts, distributed photovoltaics will account for 47.9% of the world’s newly installed solar capacity in 2021, of which residential users will account for 26%, a share that has been growing for five consecutive years.

To gain insight into the needs of energy consumers, LONGi’s product development team has surveyed thousands of end users over the past two years and concluded that they are ultimately looking for a product that combines efficiency and safety with buildings aesthetics.

The result is the company’s Hi-MO 6, its first module specifically designed for the globally distributed consumer market, using its unique HPBC technology. Hi-MO 6 retains the standard M10 size (182mm), and the module efficiency reaches 22.8% in mass production.

(PR Newswire/LONGi)

(PR Newswire/LONGi)

HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) is a new generation of high-efficiency solar cell technology with a unique front-side busbar-free design. The LONGi R&D team has developed completely different cell structures and process routes for HPBC cells, including back contact, contact passivation and anti-reflection technologies. The mass production efficiency of standard HPBC cells is above 25%, while the mass production efficiency of the PRO version enhanced with hydrogen passivation technology exceeds 25.3%.

Technological innovation has brought module efficiency and installed capacity to a new level, and Hi-MO 6 has improved power generation performance in various aspects such as efficiency, light absorption, performance at high temperature, response under low irradiance conditions, and power decay.Modelled power generation data for typical regions on six continents (excluding Antarctica) shows that Hi-MO 6 has an average gain of up to 10% compared to PERC-based products.

Compared with PERC and TOPCon technologies, Hi-MO 6 can also significantly increase the installed capacity due to higher module efficiency under limited roof area, and in the case of multi-angle incident light, the light absorption without ribbon increases. Up to 2.27%. The power temperature coefficient can be as low as -0.29%/℃, which improves the power generation performance in high temperature environment, and also achieves excellent performance under low irradiation conditions. Under low light conditions, the product’s high open-circuit voltage characteristics enable it to reach the inverter’s operating voltage faster, while low linear attenuation ensures efficient power generation throughout its life cycle.

In terms of reliability, Hi-MO 6 adopts back-contact welding technology and adopts a single-wire structure instead of the traditional Z-shaped structure to reduce cell edge stress and enhance the crack resistance of the module. In a series of third-party thresher tests, the Hi-MO 6 also demonstrated excellent performance for stable and continuous power output under variable conditions.

Four series of products provide unique functions for different application scenarios.

The customer needs of the distributed market are diverse, and each different application scenario has its own product requirements. To this end, the LONGi R&D team has launched four series of Hi-MO 6 products:

Explorer: A classic, but a revolutionary twist

As the mainstay of the Hi-MO 6 series, the Explorer provides optimum power generation performance to meet the needs of most customers from residential to commercial and industrial sectors.

Scientists: Doing better is our standard

Focused on high efficiency, the Scientist series is ideal for customers looking for extreme performance, such as companies with high energy demands. Equipped with hydrogen passivated HPBC PRO batteries, these products have been upgraded to include extended warranty, remote monitoring, periodic inspections and operational quality analysis. The range’s ultra-high product efficiency enables customers to confidently install power plants in their production facilities and other areas to meet at least 25-year carbon reduction targets.

The Guardian: Empowering a smart future

The Guardian series is focused on smart safety, with pre-programmed smart optimizers that make the module smarter in several key areas. Intelligent and accurate analysis algorithms enable 24/7 real-time power plant monitoring and trigger quick shutdowns in emergency situations to protect people and property. Independent control and real-time optimization within each module can increase power generation by 5%-30%, with higher string versatility and a flexible design that increases capacity regardless of direction.

Artist: The Unity of Technology and Art

To meet the architect’s aesthetic requirements, the Artist series breaks with the tradition of cookie-cutter black PV modules, offering custom sizes and colors. This is especially important for iconic buildings such as stadiums, cultural venues and exhibition grounds, as well as high-end residences that want to benefit from photovoltaic technology without compromising aesthetics.

To meet diverse aesthetic needs from around the world and complement different architectural designs, Hi-MO 6 is also available in Obsidian Black (black back) and Star (white back).

(PR Newswire/LONGi)

(PR Newswire/LONGi)

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