Madiad will be the ideal branding and marketing agency for tech start-ups and SMEs

CAN THO, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2022 / Madiad has proven to be the first choice for Vietnamese tech companies looking to gain a foothold in the market.

Start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in Vietnam’s economy. Currently, Vietnam has 3,800 start-up companies, 200 venture capital institutions and 100 business incubators. In addition, SMEs are the backbone of the country’s economic growth, accounting for 98% of all businesses, 40% of GDP, and providing 50% of employment opportunities or 1.2 million jobs. In view of digital transformation, more and more technology start-ups and SMEs are seen as new drivers of Vietnam’s economy. Be aware, however, that most tech startups and SMEs often struggle to raise their brand awareness to compete with larger corporations, thus requiring a media agency that specializes in technology.

There are countless brand communication companies in Vietnam, but there are very few institutions that focus on brand building for technology companies. Fortunately, they have a “savior”. Mathiad is a media agency in the Mekong Delta that actively supports start-ups and SMEs to increase brand awareness by providing rich services such as social media marketing, live streaming and AMA, media production, community management, etc. The Madiad team consists of young, dynamic and creative members with diverse expertise and skills, especially deep knowledge and practical experience in technology application. The team cooperates with a number of technology companies and global projects to dig deep into customer psychology, guide new blockchain users, and stimulate customer needs.

Service One Member Co., Ltd, a Medido trading company, Tuesday, December 6, 2022, press release photo

Madiad is at Festiverse 2022 – Asia’s largest event for tech enthusiasts.

Despite its young age, Madiad has already established a large network of clients and partners with its dedicated, professional and quality services.The company has established cooperative relations with many technology companies, organizations, and investment funds, such as Delta Laboratories Technologies AG, Digital Asset Management Center (TSS), FUNDGO Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund, Jade Forest Capital, ETC. The agency also provides effective communications for more than 20 projects and a range of launches, events, campaigns and competitions in the region, connecting projects and businesses with millions of institutional and individual clients and investors.

Service One Member Co., Ltd, a Medido trading company, Tuesday, December 6, 2022, press release photo

Madiad is a media partner and coordinator for many events and events in the region.

In order to become a leading media agency in Vietnam, especially in the whole of Southeast Asia, Madiad has continuously strengthened its service quality, workflow and human resources to help more start-ups and SMEs stand out in the market.

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