Mark Twain Museum Receives $10,000 Matching Grant to Help Upgrade Technology

Hannibal, Missouri. (WGEM) – The Mark Twain Museum is planning a major technological upgrade. All thanks to funding from local organisations.

The Riedel Foundation provided a $10,000 matching grant to the museum.

Mark Twain Childhood Home and Museum chief executive James Lundgren said the grant would allow them to replace outdated audio and video equipment.

This will allow them to improve programming in the auditorium.

“This will allow us to get new projectors, laptops, cameras for recording things, sound systems. They can be used in buildings, but also for remote purposes in museum malls and things like that,” Lundgren said .

The matching grant will be applied to proceeds from their upcoming whisky tasting event titled Spirits and Irony.

It was Saturday, November. 12 Mark Twain Museum.

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