mesoestetic® joins hands with S’Young International to open a new chapter in China’s growth

Shanghai, December 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Xinyang International (“S’Young” or the “Company”) in December 2019 December 22 Celebrating the strategic partnership with mesoestetic®, a leading Spanish beauty product manufacturer, S’Young will provide mesoestetic with commercial solutions to empower mesoestetic to strengthen its brand image and positioning, opening a new chapter of growth in China.

Juan Carlos FumarsThe founder and president of mesoestetic said: “In such a huge and challenging market as China, it is difficult to find a professional, excellent partner who understands Spanish business like S’Young, looking forward to more in-depth cooperation and more offline dialogues Chance.”

The new partnership builds on a previous business alliance the parties established in 2021. S’Young developed a tailored marketing strategy based on the mesoestetic brand identity and heritage of excellence, helping the brand achieve several market milestones. S’Young upgrades mesoestetic’s flagship store on Tmall Global, one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in China ChinaAnd it helped launch its social commerce journey by opening a new store on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

S’Young expands mesoestetic’s consumer base through partnerships with celebrities and top influencers, and incorporates solutions to strengthen its supply chain and operations to build a solid brand foothold in China China. This cooperation has enabled mesoestetic to achieve unprecedented market performance, with sales surging by 236% year-on-year. Its best-selling product, Ultimate W+, ranks No. 1 in the Douyin health care category and No. 2 on Tmall Global.

Aiming at optimizing mesoestetic’s market strategy, deepening the cooperation will enable S’Young to establish an innovative operating model for mesoestetic, and its all-round business solutions aim to expand brand awareness and drive sales.Leveraging S’Young’s market expertise, mesoestetic will be able to adopt an omni-channel strategy, strengthen its online and offline presence, and create a unique shopping experience for customers in China China.

China is the world’s second largest beauty market, and skincare is expected to enter another phase of strong growth, according to a new joint study, boosted by the country’s post-COVID 19 reopening policies that are expected to unleash pent-up consumers demand from Bain & Company and market research firm Kantar Worldpanel.If global cosmetics brands are eyeing on China’s market opportunities Chinathe lack of market insight and fine-tuning strategies has brought challenges to their operations, making it difficult for them to deal with uncertainty and stand out from the crowd in a market full of international and domestic brands.

Help beauty companies in ChinaS’Young pioneered “CP” (Chinese Partners) cooperation model, the company cooperates deeply with global brands to help brands build omni-channel capabilities, and the all-round solutions cover brand positioning, differentiated communication, marketing, retail, supply chain management, and support their growth steps in an all-round way, so that they can The Chinese market is thriving.

About Shenyang International

Xinyang International, which pioneered the CP cooperation model, is a digitally-driven open platform that empowers global beauty brands to access and connect to the Chinese market, and provides a complete solution that is omni-directional, omni-channel, and omni-channel. Life cycle development. Siyang International has now cooperated with more than 50 beauty brands around the world.

About Zhongmei Pharmaceutical Group

The mesoestetic Pharma Group, an internationally recognized pharmaceutical laboratory, is one of the leaders in the fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine, providing innovative and highly effective solutions for skin treatment and care.



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