Miami-Dade Public Library’s Floating Book Puts Reading and Technology Accessible

Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (WFOR) – Residents of the exclusive community of Pinewood Villas on Cutler Bay eagerly await the arrival of the mobile book every Thursday afternoon.

Many of them do not own cars or have limited mobility.

For Mary Sobel, it’s a weekly appointment.

“I get my books, I get my movies. They’re always on time. I always count on them because there’s not much to do here—so they always keep me happy,” Sobel said.

She’s got a big smile on her face, and her hands are full of DVDs and books she just checked out.

“People are friendly, they know my name. At this point, I think I’ve been here every Thursday since last year.”

The Bookmobile is a Sprinter van – loaded with books and movies, it has a wheelchair ramp and a motorized sunshade.

It’s the newest fleet in the mobile library, managed by Miami-Dade County Public Library employee Marlon Moore and librarians.

“This service is for those who don’t have access to our library,” Moore said.

There are four mobile libraries in the county, offering books and more throughout the county. Customers can also view eBooks, audiobooks, DVDs, music, and mobile devices like Chromebooks, tablets, and even hotspots.

Don’t have a library card?

No problem – you can sign up for one in there. These books are available in many languages.

Carlos Smith examines books in Spanish. He loves everything to do with science.

Rovers and staff go not only to senior living centers but also to parks, after-school activities and weekend jobs.

“We do it a lot at many different events — community events, like festivals and concerts,” Moore explained.

The service could be an introduction to what the library can offer, and certainly satisfy the appetites of avid readers and movie buffs.

All have a librarian and have been in the community for 20 years.

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