Midtown Businesses Open Weather Conditions

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Freezing weather has forced some businesses to close due to dangerous conditions, but others have decided to ride out the storm and reopen.

WREG interviewed business owners who said they were doing everything in their power to keep everyone safe.

“People are going to want their wine and we want them to be safe,” said Doug Ketchum, owner of Kimbrough Fine Wine & Spirits. “We just salted the sidewalk and driveway this morning and now we’re clearing the ice and trying to make it Less slippery and dangerous.”

A few miles away on Beale Street, others were doing what they could to battle the icy conditions.

The street’s slippery conditions didn’t stop Sara Bradley and her friends, visiting from the UK, from trying their best to walk the iconic street. “We just want to see Beale Street. So we’re going to walk down and see if we can find anything open. No luck so far,” Bradley said.

The group is not used to seeing these elements. “In England, it’s usually like powder snow rather than thin ice everywhere,” Bradley said. But they stay positive. “We’re at Peabody waiting to see the ducks.”

Some businesses are choosing to delay opening in hopes of a slight thaw as temperatures rise.

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