Motivation Excellence Announces New Group Travel Technology Called “Inspire”

Schaumburg, Illinois. November 4 April 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With today’s ever-changing and nightmarish travel scene, it’s exciting to have a personalized itinerary and make the latest adjustments as needed!Group incentive travel programmes operated through Motivation Excellence are all inclusive inspiredour fully customizable and personalised mobile travel website.

Features inspired include:

  • Company brand
  • Personalised air, land and activity itineraries
  • Airline and customs information
  • SMS notification
  • Interactive Photo Gallery

“This is something no other incentive company can offer. Personalizing itineraries is a game-changer for our industry. Plus, there are a number of ways we can customize the app to truly match the needs of the client and the uniqueness of the travel destination,” said Brad HechtVP of Travel at Motivation Excellence.

Quick overview inspired Watch the video on our Incentive for Excellence homepage.

Motivation Excellence is a performance improvement agency.We use various reward solutions Inspire extraordinary performance among our clients’ participants. With a deep understanding of each client’s specific situation, we develop a comprehensive plan to achieve goals and drive the highest ROI.

“I am very confident inspired Added incredible value to our travel plans. Our own people built it and it has become part of the travel solution; there is no surcharge for this technology.This represents our commitment to our customers and their most deserving players,” he said David JobsPresident and CEO of Motivation Excellence.

For more information, please contact our Strategic Marketing Manager, Sky Z. Capriolo exist [email protected]

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