Neal’s Yard Remedies Tapering Lightspeed Commerce Omnichannel Retail Technology – Retail Technology Innovation Center

Adrian Valeriano, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Lightspeed, said: “Having a client like Neal’s Yard is a testament to the robustness and flexibility of our platform. Lightspeed has a broad and deep set of capabilities to support multiple channels across multiple channels. Companies that sell to stores.”

“As Lightspeed aims to attract more multi-site retailers, wins like Neal’s Yard underscore our technology, functionality, flexibility, customization and support to meet all the needs of large multi-channel businesses.”

“Having such a large number of customers using Lightspeed payment technology is a testament to the trust, efficiency and security of our payment products, which we are proud of.”

Paul Stephens, head of data and technology at Neal’s Yard Remedies, said: “By choosing Lightspeed, we are not only ensuring that we can maintain omnichannel loyalty across our different sales channels, but we are also ensuring that our retail employees have an easy-to-use PoS system. “

“We were also able to build our customer data set; the people in the back office have a very simple platform to maintain and a very rich API data set for us to use”

“We want to offer our customers an omni-channel experience; this means that when they go to our store or shop online, they can use the same loyalty and gift certificate programs that our previous PoS providers couldn’t do; It slows us down”

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