New Breakthrough Technologies Roll Out in the Hospitality Industry

The cutting-edge technology, called OK2PLAY?, prompts customers to answer the question “OK2PLAY?”. at various points throughout the venue and allow patrons to respond by pressing a button.

When it comes to player and staff protection, innovative Australian venues have been leading the charge in recent months by implementing a newly developed Australian technology platform.

Customers who answer “yes” will have a relatively unchanged experience.

For those feeling sensitive or uncertain, OK2PLAY? Technology triggered discreet and private on-site responses from staff to help, and then connected those customers to support services.

Bryan Tewani, CEO of OK2PLAY? Said the industry needs a simple and effective technology to bypass all the barriers that society may put in place for people to seek help.

“People don’t have to think about who they should ask for help, what they should say, or how that person would feel if they asked them for help, because the anonymity of technology protects them.”

“OK2PLAY? removes all these barriers to capture customers in action and prompt them to stop and think, ‘Can I really do this now? “

“When clients are no longer having fun and experiencing difficulties, venues should provide an exceptional level of care to care for these individuals and take their social license and responsibility seriously to serve clients, staff and the community.”

“What OK2PLAY? Provides a simple and effective tool to protect players, but also staff, who were previously tasked with the difficult task of identifying vulnerable patrons,” Mr TeWani said

CEO Jeff Gibbs said the industry needed a player protection tool that would allow players to play games safely and make the industry and individual clubs more sustainable.

“OK2PLAY? is the platform to easily create this solution for both customers and employees. It takes the stress out of employees managing this process, it also fulfills our duty of care to our employees and makes us an ideal employer.”

“As a community club, it’s important that we take care of the community and act in the best way possible,” Gibbs said.

Central Coast League clubs also had positive results with their initial use of OK2PLAY?

“I’m delighted to be one of the first clubs to implement OK2PLAY?” said Mr Edward Camilleri, CEO of Central Coast League Clubs.

“The purpose is to make members feel safe, and if they do have a problem and are a little shy about talking to our staff and trained personnel, it’s a way they can easily reach out and get help very quickly.”

OK2PLAY? Technology provides worker protection for venues as the platform acts as the first level of detection and identification to identify at-risk customers.

Hornsby RSL CEO Mario Machado who has been using OK2PLAY? The system since September shows that we are a fairly advanced club in terms of technology and we do put digital at the forefront of the decisions we make. ”

“This technology makes it easier for our customers to contact us if they have a problem.”

It also makes first approach and first contact easier for our employees with a discreet and seamless system. ‘ Machado said.

OK2PLAY? Well received by NSW and Queensland venues, with more events planned in the coming weeks and months.

In an industry where mental health is increasingly important, its digital technology is an easy and effective option to increase mental health awareness.

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